14Dec 2015

4 signs that it’s time to get new windows installed

Posted in: home improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

For all the time we spend gazing out of our windows, staring into the garden and watching the world go by, we don’t often think about buying new ones. That’s because windows are a part of your home, part of the bricks and mortar. You probably bought your home with windows attached (if you didn’t you’re probably feeling very cold at the moment) and as such you probably don’t think about purchasing new ones very often. New windows, like any home improvement, are a considered purchase – you only buy them if you need them or can see a lot of value in doing so. So what are the tell-tale signs that it’s time for you to buy new windows for your home?

If they’re wooden, the condition of the frames is a dead give-away

While some modern homes have uPVC window frames which, although a little ugly, last a very long time, most will still have good old timber frames. Depending on the type of wood that was used and how that wood has been treated over the years, you may start to notice a little bit of damp or even rot – especially if they’ve been openly exposed to large amounts of moisture or heat. This makes wood sound difficult to maintain, but it really isn’t – it just requires a little bit of TLC now and then and some surface treatment to protect it and keep it healthy. In return, you’ll have decades with beautiful, irresistible wooden windows. There is a point of no return however, and if rot has already set in in may be time to start looking at replacements or refurbishments.

Too noisy?

There’s a misconception that wood sash windows and casement windows are old, draughty and let a lot of noise in. This myth has perpetuated because it used to be true, a very long time ago. But as with everything, wood sash windows have improved over the ages and now incorporate much of the technology that makes uPVC windows functionally attractive. They can be air tight, triple glazed and keep your home near silent if you like – if your home is a little noisy because of old school windows, perhaps it’s time to spruce them up or replace them?

Energy bills too high?

Believe it or not, your high energy bills could be more to do with your windows than anything else. It sounds crazy, but