10Aug 2022

A Victorian Manor House with Orangery extension close to Harrogate

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This home was oozing character and charm but was not ideal for modern day living. Our clients asked us to replace the orangery which stretches across the front elevation of the house spanning the sitting room, dining room and hallway.

The orangery was single glazed and the timber was in poor condition. This made both reception rooms very cold in winter and blazing hot in summer which were equally unbearable for this busy young family.

The existing windows had also acquired several extra visitors in the form of insects which were infesting the rotten old timber frames. We made the replacement structure using Accoya timber which is naturally anti-infestation so we can guarantee this will never happen again which was a huge relief to the homeowner! We use Sikkens paint system which also helps to protect the Accoya timber from fungal damage, UV exposure and weather conditions.

The existing stained glass, which was not original, was also in a poor state so it was decided that a re-design would achieve a face lift for the whole façade making the house feel more contemporary. That being said, it was important to the homeowner to maintain the symmetry and match the layout of the existing design.

Now the whole house has been rejuvenated and transformed. The windows and door open effortlessly whilst significantly upgrading the security compared to the originals.

Our client says:

“The windows were an absolute game changer throughout the winter. On the coldest days they transformed the house from extremely uncomfortable to a warm and cosy environment.

The biggest difference we noticed is in the mornings when we come downstairs and the room has still retained heat from the evening before. In the evenings, when the fire is lit, the lounge and dining areas can become a little too warm which is a welcome change.

It’s hard to say what the effect has been on our energy bills because of the recent price increases but I would guess we have saved a significant sum overall.

We couldn’t be happier with the product – looks, finish and practical application.”