08Jun 2015

Essential facts about wood casement windows

When it comes to upgrading your windows there’s a lot to consider, particularly if your property is an older one. From casement windows to wood sash windowsthere’s a whole range to choose from, but many people make the decision before they’ve really gotten all the facts. You see, the world of windows is probably a lot more complex than you might think. Casement windows, for example, are often given a bad rap because they’re associated with older properties, but that doesn’t mean they can’t rival their modern uPVC counterparts when it comes to things like energy efficiency and security. Plus, you get the added benefit of the charming, traditional aesthetic that comes withwood casement windows.So, let’s bust some myths around wood casement windows…

Ventilationis vastly improved with a wood casement window. Essentially, you’re opening a whole sheet of glass rather than just a small portion of it like hung windows.

Energy Efficiency,contrary to common belief, isn’t diminished with a wood frame casement window. Of course, the type of glass and level of glazing have the biggest impact on energy efficiency, but what use is double glazing if your frames let draughts through? Wood casement windows tend to have much tighter fitting frames than their counterparts because they open outwards and their sashes close against their frames. This makes draughts a think of the past, and also does well against noise pollution.

Securityis one of the main features of wood casement windows. They’re extremely difficult to break into due to the fact that the locks are usually ‘hooks’ which are embedded into the frames themselves.

Varietygives you a great deal of scope when choosing the look for your new or refurbished property. You can even add additional features to your windows such as lead or surface grills which will guarantee your windows stand out as well as function in a more useful way.

It is because of the advantages outlined above (and more advantages which aren’t) that wood casement windows are hugely growing in popularity. Not only are they comparatively reasonably priced, but they deliver an excellent return on your investment with a timeless style and finish.