20Jun 2015

Get your home ready for selling with wood casement windows

House prices around the UK, particularly in the London area, are set to increase by nearly 20% between now and 2018. This is great news for those who are look to sell their home, but does that mean it’s safe to take your foot off the gas and relax knowing that you’ve got a lucrative sale in the bag? While it’s true that the inevitable rise in house prices will almost certainly net you a profit, there’s a lot more that could be done to ensure a greater return on your investment. It’s all about looking at trends in the home improvement space which tend to change fairly frequently with each generation of buyers. What is it they’re looking for? What exciting features are going to tempt them to part with their hard earned cash? Buying a home is an enormous investment for even the most wealthy among us and is usually a very long term investment so is naturally highly considered and pondered over.

If the property you’re looking to sell is an older one it can be slightly troublesome. You don’t want to spoil the charm or compromise the traditional feel of the property as that could have an adverse affect on its value. But you might want to get some more modern functions in there to make it appeal to younger generations – period charm mixed with mod cons is irresistible to most buyers and property inspectors will value your home favourably as a result. By far the most affordable, high-impact way of giving your period home this treatment is to revamp the windows.Wood casement windowsare increasing in popularity across the UK, and with good reason. With a wood casement windowyou get the best of both worlds – the old look and feel with some excellent modern effects. You can choose your wood type, grain effect and customise ’til your heart’s content, all the while safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a well insulated, energy efficient home that’s good at keeping the noise out and the heat in.

If you’re interested in giving your home a boost in value before you come to sell, don’t just wait around for the market to do all the work – take control and improve your home withwood casement window installationand you’ll reap the benefits even if you don’t come to sell.