15Feb 2017

Sash Windows Company Keighley

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Bespoke Sash Windows Company Keighley

sash windows Company in KeighleySash windows are the perfect accompaniment to traditional houses, especially should you be looking to upgrade your current windows into a more modernised and secure design. The benefits of bespoke, hand crafted sash windows are numerous and with these sash windows being crafted in the modern day, these types of sash windows will have added security and much better energy efficiency whilst also fitting perfectly into a classic building aesthetic. In this article, we will discuss the benefits that you can receive from installing sash windows into your property as well as how our wonderfully crafted sash windows can really enhance your home. If you are looking for a sash windows company in Keighley or if you are looking for sash windows supplies in Keighley then ensure that you contact Patchett Joinery today or call us on: 01274 882331.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Sash Windows

When upgrading to new sash windows, you may have a number of questions as to why installing a new sash window or sash windows can benefit you. There are many benefits of hiring a sash windows company as well as utilising Patchett Joinery as your sash windows company. Older glass may be less energy efficient than installing a newer sash window. Our sash windows have a number of design features that make them energy efficient and very secure. Double draught sealing maximised thermal performance as well as weather proofing which could be an issue with older windows. Double beading and the lockable fitch catches that are on our sash windows make them very energy efficient. There are a variety of additional security features also available such as vent locks, angel locks and concealment of locking and travel restrictors. All of these additional features are available whilst being able to craft your sash window to the exact aesthetic of your home. This means that you can implement these modern sash windows, but they will look and feel like the original windows, but will the addition added security and energy efficiency.

Discover Our Range of Sash Windows

Here at Patchett Joinery, we offer timber box sash windows, timber sliding sash windows and timber Yorkshire sash windows. Our timber box sash windows operate on a weights and pulls design with weight counter balancing the weight of the sash. These windows are the smoothest operating sash window system and as aforementioned, are crafted to be extremely energy efficient and with numerous security features. All of our sash windows are crafted with the highest quality timber and glass which is reflected in the craftsmanship and versatility of all of our sash windows. Our spiral balance timber sliding windows operate on a concealed balance system so that you the balance system is hidden. Pre-tensioned springs support the weight of the sash internally side the window system. This is especially attractive with heritage colours and the balance tubes are also hidden from view when the window is closed. These sash windows are crafted with the highest quality materials and are expertly crafted and extremely energy efficient and secure. Our timber Yorkshire sash windows utilise an aluminium track and high quality adjustable rollers. These style of sash windows are often seen utilised in cottages in North Yorkshire. This is a wonderful design of sash window that is easy to operate and extremely secure, being constructed and crafted out of the highest quality materials.

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Our sash windows are a wonderful addition to your home, whether you are constructing a new build or you are looking to replace your current windows. The energy efficiency could see you making money back on your investment due to saving on energy costings which could be increased by a currently inefficient window. All of our sash windows are also painted with a water-based system which allows the timber to ‘breathe’ and adapt to changes in climate. The finish on our sash windows provides maximum defence against fungal attacks, weathering and UV degradation. We work with our paint partners, Remmers to add a finish to any RAL colour, stain or we can match to all well renowned paint rages and brands. This demonstrates the versatility and customisation available with our sash windows and we also offer additional customisation aspects such as different options of glass and timber. If you are looking for a sash windows company in Keighley or if you are looking for bespoke sash windows in Keighley then be sure to contact Patchett Joinery today or call us on: 01274 882331.