29May 2015

Wood sash windows with modern builds

Are you interested in the characterful look and feel of wood sash windows but afraid you’ll miss out on the modern conveniences of a newer build? Perhaps you’ve just moved into a traditional period home and you’re considering having the windows changed because they look old…

There are many options at your disposal if you’re looking to repair, maintain or installwood sash windowsand it might just surprise you when you find out how well they can rival even the most modern uPVC windows. Changing out the windows in a period home can have a drastic affect on the general look and feel – making the wrong choice can even devalue your home or just make it look ‘off’, undoing the history and heritage that has seeped in over the years. In older buildings, windows are often noted as the central feature -bay windows,timber casement windows, wood sash windows – and they draw attention from passers by and visitors without even having to try. When you have a traditional window in your home you might take it for granted, perhaps not even noticing it, but if you remove it it’ll change your home forever.

Wood sash windows are becoming more and more popular these days. Not just for their characterful appearanceand charming looks, but for the way they function. Craftsmanship has always been at the very heart of traditional windows, and that craftsmanship has come on leaps and bounds over the years. A good joiner will be able to craft and install a wood sash window that doesn’t detract from your property, instead enhancing its character, and you won’t have to compromise on things like draught exclusion, noise insulation or energy efficiency.Wood sash windowscan be just as energy efficient as their modern uPVC counterparts these days – something which a lot of people simply aren’t aware of.

So if you’re considering upgrading your current wood sash windows, or perhaps tearing them out in favour of something completely new – take a few moments to learn and weigh up your options to make sure you’re not missing out on getting the best of both worlds. With wood sash windows you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to energy efficiency.