23Apr 2015

Buying timber sliding doors for your property

With summer quickly descending upon us, it’s time to start considering outdoor parties, barbecues and having the neighbours over for a tipple in the sunshine. When we think about timber sliding doors or wood sash windowswe so often think about the internal benefits. We think about how energy efficient the windows could be made or how much of a draught the doors might keep out. We think about how easy they are to open and close and how they might complement the varnished wooden floor or the wood beam panels on the ceiling. For the most part, this is the right way to start thinking before you make a purchase, but so many people forget about the outdoors. How do your windows look from the outside, and what could timber sliding doors add to your property?

The way you doors and windows look can have a huge impact on your house from the outside, and indeed its value. Do they compliment the neighbours’ homes? Do they lend themselves well to your home’s period look and feel? But ultimately, are they practical? Do they allow you to enjoy and use them all year round with advantages in summer as well as in winter? Timber sliding doors are multi-functional when it comes to the changing seasons. They’ll offer you warmth and security in the winter, but in the summer you can throw them open and they’ll make for one great party feature when you have friends or relatives over. Want to have a barbecue on the patio? Throw open the timber sliding doors and use your kitchen freely – you could even set up a bar indoors for your guests to help themselves to while you focus on getting food wrapped up. You might even decide to use your kitchen as an extension of the patio, preparing salads and accompaniments indoors while your food sizzles on the barbecue.

The point to note is that timber sliding doors can work for your home whatever the weather – they can help you keep your bills down in the winter and be thrown open wide to enjoy the openness and warmth that summer brings. Either way, your home will have a stunning new feature all year round to bring out the very best in your property.