04Nov 2015

Can you modernise a period property without compromising on character?

Posted in: sash windows and home improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

Period homes are popular for a number of reasons. They’re impressive, full of character and are simply bursting with potential. Those who invest in period homes do it for the charm of the original features – from the wood sash windows to the winding staircases and wooden beams – but because period properties are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence they’re now being modernised and made ‘marketable’ to a wider audience. A period property is a good way to invest your cash, particularly if you’ve got the time and capital to evolve the property and make it more appealing to those who can’t go without their modern conveniences and creature comforts – but is it possible to modernise your period home without sacrificing its innate charm and character?

You’d be surprised at what you can achieve with just a little imagination. Combining traditional d├ęcor with modern affects can yield stunning results and ensure your home makes an impression on guests or potential buyers. One of the things you could really focus on on are window dressings. Authentic wood sash windows are extremely popular and, sadly, a diminishing feature of newer builds. A wood sash window has the capacity to become a feature piece in itself, or at the very least throw light into a room in an impressive way. When people think of sash windows they often think of long drapes and busy curtains, flowing elegantly down to the ground, but perhaps for more modern builds something a little more minimalist would do the trick? Rather than weighing them down with heavy drapes, perhaps opt for simple, sleek blinds instead. Alternatively, look into sheer voiles for a real touch of class without all of the busy decoration that often accompanies more traditional windows.

In short, it’s important to preserve the windows in a period home as best you can. They are perhaps the most important feature, and an easy way for people tell instantly, both inside and outside of your home, what kind of place you have. They’re not only a window outside, they’re a window into your home, the building itself and its past. There’s no need to get rid of your period features in order to modernise them, simply think outside of the box and your period home can make an impression long into the future.