25Apr 2016

Casement Window Repair in Yorkshire

To take a drive through Yorkshire is to take in some of the most beautiful towns in the entire UK. From quintessentially British hamlets to some of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the country, Yorkshire is home to some stunning architecture. Part of the Yorkshire charm, and a strong testament to its past and heritage, are the scores of  old period properties that can be found from Bradford to Bridlington, not to mention York – the heart of the county and proud home of York Minster.

But what makes a period property so special and desirable? Of course, they have a rich and deep history associated with them, an organic originality that’s difficult to find in many built up urban areas, but that’s just the start of it. The main thing that all period properties have in common is their retention and preservation of original features. From timber sash and casement windows to solid, heavy oak doors. These features have come to define the very notion of a period home, and are the main reason traditional homes are becoming to popular throughout the region and beyond.  If you’re one of those lucky home owners who have recently acquired an older property, or are looking to carry out maintenance on your period building, you’ve probably considered wood casement window repair. 

So why should you choose casement window repair?

The big dilemma for period homeowners in Yorkshire is whether to ‘replace or repair’. While replacing a window entirely can be tempting, you’ll risk losing a lot of the charm of the original window and you’ll probably end up forking out a lot more cash in the process. So for many, casement window repair is the way forward. Not only can repairing your wood casement windows be cheaper and help to preserve the aesthetic of your home, it can also improve the functionality of the windows, making them more secure, more energy efficient, better insulated against sound, and easier to operate.

Wood casement repair options

As mentioned above, there’s a lot to be gained from getting the casement windows repaired in your Yorkshire home, but there are two very popular options that people usually go with. First, you can choose a to get draught sealing which will keep your period home draught free, snug and warm. It’s one of the things people first worry about when they move into an older home as they’re often seen as draughty and cold – but it doesn’t have to be that way for long. Another option which may come as a surprise, is double glazing. Traditional casement windows are single glazed, but they don’t have to stay that way. Upgrading to double glazed windows will give you all the insulation benefits of modern windows while still being able to retain your stylish timber frames.

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