07Mar 2016

Why Choose Wood for your Sash Windows?

Posted in: News and sash windows and wooden windows  –  By Patchett Joinery

For a long time, wood was out of fashion within the construction industry. Through the 70s and onwards, new polymer plastics came through as a viable alternatively to traditional wood construction. These new plastics lent themselves to robotic construction, and so were able to be produced at a lower price. Today, however, things are moving back in the other direction and wood is back in as a sustainable, luxurious and hardy material. So, why should you choose wood for you sash windows?

Wood products have some of the best thermal performance properties of any mainstream construction material, this means they can increase the energy efficiency and operational performance of buildings they are used in.

It is a product that offers beauty, excellent value for money, and as most forest managers will report unparalleled renewability. Using wood from sustainably managed forests reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as the carbon dioxide stored by the forest and in the timber products outweighs any carbon dioxide created during the production of the product. When timber is used instead of any other material (like steel, or brick and concreter block), each tonne of timber saves around a tonne of carbon dioxide.

There does not seem to be a down side in choosing wood, increasing the demand for timber in construction will increase the demand for sustainable managed forest cover with the economic social and environmental benefits this brings.

Timber windows in particular have benefitted from a massive increase in consumer confidence in recent years.  With massive improvements in design manufacture and performance indicators means that timber is now widely recognised as the most versatile and environmentally friendly choice for windows.

Recent evidence indicates that timber windows also have potential to add value to your property and can offer service life upwards of sixty years and beyond if looked after correctly…Timber windows are not just the preserve of the high end property, although in higher value period properties aesthetics are a significant factor, to the extent that a premium can be placed on property that still has its original period windows. If they are not intact or not functioning well timber window replacements can be made, swapping like for like. It is evident that smaller Victorian terraced cottages are replacing uPVC with timber wooden sash windows, history really does repeat itself.

Timber sliding sash windows can be made to most specifications. If you shop around look for the company that offers you different styles with a choice of glazing, ironmongery and timber options. A company that offers a fantastic guarantee will give you the assurance that their products are made to last. Minimum routine maintenance is all that should be required for a timber window, developments in timber window design and finishing products mean that modern, high performance timber windows need minimal maintenance and on that basis can potentially last a lifetime, as already stated above. The reason for this is that developments in design techniques that minimise water retention and damp penetration and in microporous paints and stains that allow wood to breathe, mean modern, high performance, double-glazed timber sash windows need minimal maintenance. Peeling and blistering paint can be a thing of the past. Modern finishes also minimise the preparation necessary when it comes to repainting or staining windows. A soap wash or very light sanding is all that is required before a single coat of paint. I hope this article was useful to you and good luck with purchasing your new windows.