15Oct 2015

Home remodelling trends in 2015: wood sash windows leading the way

Posted in: Uncategorized and home improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

This year has been a popular one for people wanting to make changes to their homes. Each year seems to bring new trends, based on everything from property value, consumer demand and basic fashion. Whether it’s hardwood floors, walk-in showers or impressive ways to light the home, these trends change capture everyone’s imagination and guide internal d├ęcor.  Of course, some of these property upgrades might be right up your alley, whereas others might not suit your taste buds at all. One feature that does seem to catch everyone’s eye year after year, including 2015, is the upgrading of windows.

Windows are a bit of a special case when it comes to remodelling the home. For starters, everyone needs windows; they’re not really an optional component in the home. The difference is between people that want to make the most of their windows – usually people in period properties with a lot of unique features to show off and complement – and people in more modern builds who want something clean, tidy and functional. The thing that not a lot of home owners realise is that, regardless of the age your property, windows can still add a heck of a lot of value and a really nice aesthetic.

Wood sash windows have long since been adapted into modern builds. They’re super clean, function very smoothly and they complement a more modern, streamlined aesthetic. Just because the humble wood sash window goes back decades doesn’t mean it can’t be incorporated nicely into modern homes. The same goes for Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian architecture. Bay windows have been a popular choice in 2015, chiefly because they create the wonderful illusion of space. Of course, a bay window does physically change the shape of  a room, but the effect is really to do with the way the light enters at difficult angles. While they’re a mainstay in more traditional builds, they’re also the centrepiece of many more recent properties.

Bay windows impact the interior aesthetics as much as the exterior, perhaps even more so. One of the things people seldom consider when choosing a window is how it’s going to be dressed. Bay windows are nice and big, letting in lots of light,  so there’s obviously a need to block that light out gain s sense of privacy in the evenings; because of this, long, draping curtains have become very fashionable – a great way to bring a sense of elegance indoors and also keep the home well insulated.

From wood sash windows and casement windows, to bay windows and period features, bespoke windows are making their mark in 2015, leading the way when it comes remodelling and bringing a really nice aesthetic and functional touch.