16Apr 2015

How much do timber casement windows cost?

It’s a frequently asked question among owners of period properties or homes which have a certainly look and feel they want to develop. In the world of timber casement windows it really is a case of finding the right service at the right price as each application can vary enormously. For the most part you’ll want to look at a professional joinery service, preferably local to the region, who will be able to offer you a detailed quotation for a bespoke job. Getting your timber casement windows fitted in a bespoke fashion will ensure that they are the very best they can be for your property in terms of function, energy efficiency, and indeed in the the way they look.

Another important consideration for assessing the potential cost of timber casement windows is the age of your property. This can be a useful indication because the materials and labour required can change depending on whether your property is a listed building or has any listed features, or whether you leave in a conservation zone where certain aesthetics have to be adhered to or perhaps even require planning permission. Once you’ve figured all that out, you’ve got a few choices to make which can have a big impact on the cost of your windows.

Most timber casement and timber sash window products can include:

  • Cord hung windows
  • Spiral hung windows
  • Vertical or horizontal sliding
  • Sash window bays


…and that’s really just scratching the surface. Beyond that you need to think about different patterns and designs, window security, and choosing a shade of wood that suits the look and feel you want to go for. You can also choose what level of glazing to have done; not many home owners realise that timber casement widnows can be made just about as energy efficient as any other window with the use of double and triple glazing. In short, the cost of timber casement windows really is down to you and the end result you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re looking to add value to your home then you might want to go for all of the bells and whistles from draught proofing through to triple glazing, but if you’re looking for something that brings out the charm in your traditional home, there’s a wide variety of options to consider.