18Sep 2015

Just window shopping? Here’s a few things you should know…

Posted in: home improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

If you’re a first time buyer you’ve got a lot to think about. You’re probably thinking about various ways you can make a new property more like a home, but if you’re a sensible investor you’re also probably thinking about things you can do improve the value and get a good return on your investment should you decide to move on.

There are things that can make an instant difference to the look and feel of your property – especially if your home is an older, period property. Period properties have always been popular but recently interest in them has begun to soar, not least because of their traditional charm and room for customisation. Combining the old look and feel of a property with modern touches and conveniences is all the rage these days, but it’s important to make the right decisions when it comes to certain elements of your home. One of those elements is your choice of windows.

Windows can have an enormous impact on your home; how it looks from the outside and how it complements the décor on the inside.  It’s an important consideration when you picture doing things like entertaining guests in the summer, or how your home is perceived, and even valued from the outside.  If you’re looking at buying an older, period property, one the things you might be tempted to do is rip out the old windows in favour something clean and new like a uPVC window frame. This really isn’t the best way to go if you want to maintain or add to the value of the property, so tread carefully! If you want you can modernise old wood sash windows or timber casement windows with relative ease. They can be double glazed, triple glazed, draught-proofed and even treated to protect them from the elements. This, rather than ripping them out and replacing them, is more likely to enhance the value of the build. Preservation is everything.

Wood sash windows in particular are a popular choice even in modern homes because of the way they look and the charm they add to any property, but what many people don’t realise is that these windows are just as energy efficient and functional as their modern counterparts when their potential is realised. So before you spend and arm and a leg on tearing out old windows and installing new ‘modern’ ones, take a moment to reflect on the value more traditional windows are actually adding to your property, both in terms of how they perform and how they make you feel. You’ll be glad you did.