06Jan 2016

Make 2016 the year to make improvements to your period property

Posted in: home improvement and period homes  –  By Patchett Joinery

Brand new windows and doors are the most common home improvement for properties across the UK, and that trend isn’t going away any time soon. Whether you’re looking to add value to your home, make it more energy efficient or simply capitalise on a new look or style, there are countless options at your disposal. Many things can influence the decision making process when it comes to installing new windows and doors, from the quality of the craftsmanship to the price you’re quoted, but people who period homes have a unique kind of problem.

Period homes can be tricky when it comes to replacing or upgrading windows and doors. Many period homes are steeped in history and classic, and the windows and doors are an integral part of setting the tone of that style. Not only will a new set of windows change the way you feel inside your home, but it’ll transform its kerbside appeal, and ultimately, it’s value – so it’s important to get this right. An old Victorian home might have beautiful wood sash windows or bay windows whereas a Georgian or Edwardian home may embrace a casement window style. Simply pulling these out in favour of some modern UPVc windows will damage your home’s aesthetic and put off potential buyers. For those in that kind of situation window refurbishment is often the right course to take, enabling you to preserve the elegance and style of the frames while still enjoying all the modern conveniences of more contemporary windows, such as triple glazing and added security.

Not everybody is an expert in windows and doors. You can’t be expected to know what will work and what won’t, what will add value and what will devalue your home, or even what kind of style you should be aiming for. The internet is a wonderful resource for researching and getting your hands on relevant information, but what’s more beneficial is talking to experts within the field, such as local joiners or window fitters with a proven track record of getting these things right. Most will offer you a free quotation and will be more than happy to discuss the various options that lay ahead of you; it’s not a small purchase so you shouldn’t be expected to treat it like one.

In some instances one type of wood may be better suited than another, or a certain style of frame may compliment the interior of your home more than another. These are all things which can have  a subtle yet meaningful effect on how property evaluators see your home. If it’s a home that was built before the 1900’s there’s a good chance it’ll attract the kind of buyer that knows a thing or two about the d├ęcor of the time and is looking to invest in and maintain the property accordingly. So if you’re looking to replace your wood sash windows or install new timber casement windows, first take a look at the type of home you’ve got and think about the bigger picture – 2016 could be the year you add a great deal of value and style to your home!