27Oct 2016

Sash Windows In Bolton

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Sash Windows in Bolton

What to look for from a supplier of sash windows, box sash windows and sliding sash windows – explained by Patchett Joinery of Bolton

Officially, windows with glazed sections operated by having a sliding action are referred to as sash windows. They are typical in Victorian and Georgian properties bearing the vintage arrangement of 3 panes across and two windowpanes on each of the sashes. The window is opened up by sliding the top sash down over the lower panel.

Although they’ve been credited with the works of Robert Hooke, there is yet no apparent proof to assist the claim. The traditional style of windows has spread out throughout the world and are a mainstay here in the UK. They are known as hung sash windows because of the timeless layout where one panel hangs over the other. Alternatively, they can be typically called sliding sash windows and box sash windows.

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If you are considering buying, installing or replacing your sash windows then check out Patchett Joinery. We are experts in the provision and installation of wooden sliding sash windows in Bolton. To find out more or even a quick estimate please call Head Office on 01274 925 572 or visit our website – Sash Windows In Bolton

Important features of our sash windows

The most notable feature of our windows is the design that incorporates pulleys and weights. Weights are used for lowering the sash whilst pulleys help to pull them up. This generates a smoother operation of your windows. By adding vent and angel locks in the window system increases security. Another feature is the double draught sealing. This guarantees a much better retention of heat in the property which improves the weatherproofing your home. Using our products means that your home will always be cosy together with keeping out the wet autumn weather and the cold winter temperatures. You will not worry about cold gusts of air rushing into your living room, or bits of snow accumulating in your house. The windows, in addition, have a lockable fitch catch. Shutting the fitch catch pulls together the two sashes, causing them to seal completely.

We have concealed trickle ventilation built into our windows, ideal for new build homes, or homes where extensive renovation has taken place. From the outside, you simply cannot see the trickle vent. It is completely hidden from view. This is one feature, which gives our windows a modern day appearance. You will additionally notice that our sash eyes and lifts come in a number of colours so that you can choose one, which fits your house theme.

Why choose Patchett Joinery?

Good reputation

We have an extensive history in the production of timeless sash windows. Since 1840, we have been working hard to improve our goods to be able to ensure customer total satisfaction. Our time-honoured windows are due to many decades of thoughtful planning and enhanced designs. We have experimented with various sizes and designs. We can, for that reason, state with certainty that we have a window for each and every home. Though we founded our company over a century ago, you will be happy to discover that we are definitely not old-fashioned. We move with the trends to enable you to discover the ideal window for even the most ambitious post- modern home.

User-friendly windows

We at Patchett Joinery have put lots of work to the style and manufacture of wooden sash windows. The result continues to be windows that mirror the originals but which are simpler to operate. You might not know that the original Victorian sash windows were really frustrating. Once in place, you needed to break them so as to make any maintenance, which may be necessary. Furthermore, the entire process of opening and closing them would be a daunting job.

Our windows have weights and pulleys to help make their function user-friendly. To bring the upper pane down over its lower counterpart, you merely release it and it slides down by its very own weight. The pulleys are at hand to bring it back up when you need to. The pulleys are equipped with sash cords that you just simply grab, pull and the pane climbs up.

Enhanced Security

Unlike their traditional counterparts, you simply will not be worried about an intruder opening the sash windows. We make this impossible by means of the design of vent and angel locks. Vent locks ensure peace of mind given that they limit the movement of the sash for more than 10cm. Angel locks, in contrast, instantly reset once the sash is closed. Opening the sash window again will need treatment from inside of the home. This gives you full peace of mind without having to worry about the chance of intruders.

Extensive Guarantee

When we supply or supply and install our sash windows you can be assured that the products will last you for several decades. We make every single window from the highest quality resources and they are created to last. Furthermore, these materials call for hardly any maintenance. Our company offers a 30-year assurance against rot. Additionally, our completed windows have a 5- year guarantee on the painting and finish. No other business can beat our 10- year guarantee on weather seals and double glazed units. Fundamentally, we offer extremely extensive guarantees on our merchandise and in the unlikely situation of a problem developing we provide a “no fuss” replacement program.

The use of high-quality wood

We have a fabulous reputation for our timber sash windows. We’re very careful to keep our popularity by using the highest possible standard wood components and components. In keeping with the Georgian and Victorian traditions, we’re yet to replace wood with any other solution. To make certain our goods are of fantastic quality, we use a variety of robust timber. Included in this are the European redwood, Accoya and engineered redwood. These types of wood are not just tough but they are also aesthetically appealing. They are going to turn your home into a work of art. They are also good for the environment in the manner they are sourced and produced.

Our sash windows are a fantastic mixture of the old and the new. This is certainly reflected in the wood and the security features incorporated into the products. Furthermore, the windows are really easy to operate as a result of the smooth pulley device. The use of high- quality timber coupled with a comprehensive guarantee makes our sash windows the best product in the UK.

To learn more about new sash windows for your property or home or replacing your sliding sash windows in Bolton then please get in touch with Head Office on 01274 925 572