06Feb 2016

Timber casement windows: Replace or restore?

Posted in: sash windows and casement windows  –  By Patchett Joinery

Have you recently moved into a quaint period property? Perhaps you’ve made a beautiful home and you’re wondering about ways to modernise the property to make it more appealing to the market? If you’ve got older windows like timber casement windows or sash windows you’re probably thinking about something more secure, something more durable and energy efficient, but the truth is that timber casement windows and the like are easy to restore, and replacing them altogether could hurt your home in terms of its value.

Traditional windows can be restored to their former glory while at the same time be ‘upgraded’ to become more energy efficient an in line with modern standards.

You’d be forgiven for for thinking that repairing windows in older properties was pointless, and that new, uPVC windows were the way forward. But timber casement window repair is on the rise, and with very good reason. Restoring windows to their former glory can really enhance a property and bring its old charm to life once again. If you’re forward thinking and you want to add features to your timber casement windows that’s an option too – restoration isn’t just about taking you windows back to how they were, it’s about improving them. Believe it or not, wood sash windows aren’t stuck in the 19th century; many of them can have all the modern conveniences of today’s top selling windows such as double glazing or draught guarding, and with a good level of craftsmanship they’ll still look like the same old windows that had always adorned your period property.

Craftsmanship is integral to making sure your timber casement window restoration goes smoothly. If the frame isn’t flush or the panes are slightly off, it can cause problems further down the road that might result in you having to pay out a lot of cash to fix. So do you research and pick a local joinery service with plenty of experience, know-how and some solid customer reviews. Before you know it you’ll have restored your casement windows to their original, beautiful state and you might have even added a feature or two in the process to make your home more energy efficient.

So if you’re wondering what to do with the windows in your home, whether you’re thinking of selling or just making the place more ‘modern’, give restoration a thought before you make any big decisions you might regret.