03Dec 2015

Timber matters: Choosing the right window frames

It’s that time of year again; the family are coming together and looking forward to a cosy and warm Christmas. For many, this could be the first winter in a brand new home or an opportunity to put some new windows to the test. For others, the wintry season is a reminder of changes they want to make to their property and it’s a really good time to start planning. For those considering refurbishing their period windows or installing wood sash windows there’s a great deal to think about. There are almost too many options out there and it’s easy to take a misstep, missing out on the potential value and function the perfect window could bring to your property.

One thing many don’t realise is that installing the right window will not only help you with your kerb appeal, making your house look attractive to neighbours and potential buyers, it will also increase the value of your home and make it more desirable for specialist buyers. To determine what kind of window is the right fit for you home – from sash windows and casement windows to bay windows and more – it’s first useful to establish what era your house was built in. Houses built in the Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian eras will benefit from windows specifically designed around that time, and it’s not just about the type of window, but the style and patterns you choose.  All of this can have a real impact on the value of your home and the benefit you get from the windows.

If you’ve got a new home there’s still a lot to think about. True, there’s less focus on ‘matching’ the right window with your property and you’ll have more of a blank canvass when it comes to picking out frames, but looking at things like glazing and energy efficiency ratings should lead you in the right direction. Many folks with new properties immediately discount the idea of ‘period windows’ thinking them draughty, old and inefficient but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. Even the most intricate, delicate looking sash windows can have excellent energy efficiency and can be double or even triple glazed for extra money saving potential.

So if you’re feeling the chill and contemplating some home improvements for the summer, think twice before plucking for a new window – there’s more to them than you might think!