18Feb 2016

Victorians and their love affair with wood sash windows

Posted in: victorian and sash windows  –  By Patchett Joinery

It’s easy to think of Victorian living as being a dark, shadowy affair; that’s how it’s often depicted on television. While the Victorians didn’t have a lot of the mod cons that subsequent generations had, they did have ingenuity, and lots of it.  Victorian buildings aren’t just rich in character by our standards, they were regarded as very traditional back in the day too; they drew inspiration from everything from the revival of the renaissance to gothic architecture and neoclassicism. Perhaps that’s why we get such a feeling of nostalgia and a strong sense of history whenever we see a modern day period home that embraces these quirky features.

Victorian architecture wasn’t all about splendor and character though; that’s been earned over the years. What prompted much of the Victorian style we’ve come to know and love was the Industrial Revolution and a need to build things better and improve on things like efficiency and craftsmanship. Part of the reason Victorian features are still so sought after in modern homes is their attention to detail, their quality and their sheer effectiveness. So what are the key features of a Victorian style period home?

Wood sash windows in a Victorian age

Of course, one of the things you first pay attention to when you see a period home are the windows. So intricate in their design, they are often built as a feature piece these days, drawing peoples’ gaze and wooing with their charm and character. Wood sash windows are incredible in their versatility; depending on the wood selected and colouring used, they can give of a variety of vibes and tie in with all most any kind of interior furnishing, from wood beams and floors to more modern, spacious builds.

Timber casement windows and bay windows

It’s hard to find a Victorian property that doesn’t boast a big, open bay window as it’s centerpiece. Carefully and intricately built, they’re designed to let the maximum amount of light into a room while still being able to maintain privacy. Bay windows also extend the living space inside the home, often making way for additional furniture or perhaps a broad windowsill to place ornaments or cushions on. They lend just as much to the inside of the home as they do to the outside, and that’s one of the main things that makes bay windows incredibly special and sought after.

It’s easy to find inspiration when you look back over the ages, but few eras in history can rival the Victorian era for its influence, creativity and craftsmanship.