09May 2015

Where were wood sash windows invented?

Posted in: sash windows and home improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

Wood sash windows have long since been hailed as an elegant and charming addition to any property, most notably in traditional period homes. 18th and 19th century buildings contain so much character and heritage, and many agree that the humble wood sash window is one of the main contributors their attraction. In the Victorian era, the wood sash window was commonplace, and a primary part of any reasonably built home, but as the years went on its popularity waned. In the past 50 years, wood sash windows have become a much rarer sight in our towns and cities, with only a few listed buildings and older rural homes carrying their candle. Recently however, there’s been a surge of interest in traditional home features, and a move towards conservation and good craftsmanship. This renewed interest in traditional craftsmanship has seen a strong resurgence in the number of wood sash windows throughout Britain, and they’re now sought after; a prized addition to any home, modern or traditional.

Now you can buy wood sash windows online – but where did they originate?

buy wood sash windows onlineIt’s true; now they’re so popular that you can easily buy wood sash windows online and do your own research before you purchase or contact a joinery. Where wood sash windows originated though has been the subject of much speculation. Until very recently, it was thought that wood sash windows were invented in Holland in the late 17th century. This would make sense; dutch architecture is known for its charm and eclectic nature, and wood sash windows were certainly original when they caught on. More recently however, through research carried out at Newcastle University, it’s become apparent that wood sash windows may have had their origins in 17th century England.  Others still contest this though, claiming that they were invented in France, and that the word ‘sash’ is derived from the french word ‘chassis’, meaning, ‘frame’.

Regardless of exactly where the wood sash window came into being, it’s once again found its way into the hearts of all those who appreciate conservation and good craftsmanship. It’s easy to walk down a street in places like York, Windsor or Bath and see some truly beautiful examples of wood sash windows, but they’re now becoming ever more prevalent in more modern homes, and even brand new properties. Watch out; the wood sash window is making a serious come back.