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1000’s of options in one simple online tool.

Why Use Our Window Designer

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Instant Window Prices

Configure your windows and get instant prices based on each option you choose.

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Generate & Save Quotes

Add multiple windows to a quote then login to name and save up to 5 quotes.

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Submit Quotes For Processing

Once ready, send your quotes to us and we’ll be in touch to discuss before processing your order.


Exact Measurements

Unlike other window builders we allow you to enter your exact measurements, down to the nearest millimetre.


Multiple Quotes

Once logged in you can name and save up to 5 individual quotes. This is perfect for working on multiple projects.


Reusable Templates

Save your quotes as reusable templates that can be copied and adjusted for each new project you work on.


User Accounts

Registering for a free account allows you to save quotes, check order statuses and update your details at any time.

How It Works

Configure Your Windows

Select your sash window type, configuration and wood type then design your windows with options for height, width, hardware, paint and much more.

Once ready, simply add your window to your quote to process or save for later.

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Save Your Quotes

Login to save your quote. Quotes last for up to 12 months.

You can even save up to 5 individual quotes and store quotes to be used as templates for future projects.

Submit When Ready

You can submit your quote in just a couple of clicks. It’s no different to buying a product online.

We’ll be in touch to double check everything with you before processing your order.

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“We developed our online window designer as a tool to help industry professionals generate and submit quotes for bespoke timber sash windows quickly and easily”

Dave Upton - Patchett Joinery

About Patchett Joinery

Founded in 1840, Patchett Joinery have been crafting bespoke wooden windows for over 175 years.

We combine centuries of experience with the latest advanced machinery to create high quality wooden windows that stand the test of time.

Our Windows are designed and manufactured in Bradford using sustainable timber and environmentally friendly processes.

About Our Window Designer

We developed our Window Designer to take the hassle away from specifying and pricing bespoke wooden windows.

Traditionally quotes were handled via email, over the phone or even in person, making the process inconvenient and time intensive.

Now Joiners, Builders, Architects and Contractors can configure and price new windows quickly and easily.  

Frequently asked questions

Using our window designer is quick and easy. If you are looking to design wooden windows online, just click here and you’ll be taken to the window customisation screen. From here you can select your options for wooden window design, like sash configuration, timber type, height, width and much more. You can add windows to a quote at the click of a button and we advise creating a free account to save your quotes for up to 12 months.

A window designer or window builder is a tool for designing bespoke timber windows online. The designer allows you to set all the relevant window options and will generate wooden window prices for you dynamically. Once you’re happy with your window design you can add it to a quote along with any other windows you design. Then by registering for a free account you can save your quotes and access them later.

Our window designer is for industry professionals looking to generate window prices online. This includes joiners, builder, contractors and architects. The tool allows you to generate prices for bespoke sash windows quickly and easily, then save them for later. If you create an account you can save your quotes and submit them when the job is ready to proceed.

This is a free online window designer. Use of this tool is free and you do not need to sign up or create an account to generate quotes. We do however advise creating an account to save your quotes and access them at any time in the future.

All prices are generated to your exact window designs and are final. Once you are happy with your quote you can submit it to our team. Our industry experts will review the quote and check for any anomalies before contacting you to confirm everything. 

At the moment shipping/delivery is not included in the quotes generated online. All shipping and delivery costs will be confirmed when once our team have processed your quote.

There are 1000’s of possible window configurations available and our designer provides all the options necessary to create them. These include: Window Reference, Product Type (Spiral Balance or Weight & Pulley), Sash Configuration, Timber, Width (mm), Height (mm), Astragal Bar Layout (Vertical or Georgian), Glass Type (Clear, Obscure), 
Toughened Glass or Standard Glass, Hardware (Brass or Chrome), Angel Restrictors, Trickle Vents and Ral Colour.

Once you are happy with your quote you can submit it to us like any other online order. We will receive a copy of your quote which our expert team will review before contact you to confirm all the relevant details. Once everything is confirmed and agreed your order will be processed and secured with a down payment.

Yes! If you are looking to buy windows online, our window builder can help. Once you are happy with your quote you can submit it to our expert team who will review and contact you to confirm any final details. At the moment you can order windows online, however we currently do not take payment online. Once your quote is processed your order will be confirmed with an initial deposit.

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