07Apr 2015

Wood sash windows for sale

When you choose a wood sash window for your home, you want something original, bespoke and well built.  At Patchett Joinery we can easily replicate any design or pattern you might want to bring to a wood sash window, from Georgian sash windows to traditional looking box timber ones. We understand that most people who are interested in getting traditional windows fitted in their homes will already have an older property, and that’s why work must be carried out to the highest possible standard.  All of our box sash windows are designed and built to fit in with any listed building or conservation area requirements, and energy efficiency is never far from our minds.

Wood sash windows for sale and repair

Of course, not every home is looking to buy wood sash windows from scratch. Many period properties – particularly those around Yorkshire – already have some beautiful period features that can be preserved and maintained, and they can add an incredible amount of character to any home. If you’ve got timber sash windows and are worried about their age, quality or energy efficiency, we’re on hand to advise.  Patchett Joinery offer a free, no obligation on-site survey of your property and we’ll even deliver a full written quotation with an easy to understand breakdown of the kind of work we think your windows need.

Each wood sash window repair job is different. In some cases, you might only need certain things fixing  and you can salvage the most expensive parts, making the repair cheaper for yourself. For example, if we arrive to find that the timber frames in your wood sash window are in good condition, we’ll only replace the sliding parts – saving you money while also preserving the character and heritage of your home. We can also add new features to existing windows, such as double glazing or draught proofing, bringing your wood sash windows right up to date without compromising on the aesthetic they lend to your house. In this way, wood sash windows can be just as effective as uPVC windows at keeping heat inside and noise outside, without the dull, modern appearance that’s often inevitable.


Sash Windows: Wood or uPVC?