10Sep 2015

Wood sash windows: Go bespoke and you’ll never look back

Posted in: Uncategorized  –  By Patchett Joinery

There’s one thing that everyone agrees on when it comes to timber sash windows. They’re classic, stylish and timeless. Not only are they relics from a bygone age of glorious architecture, they add subtle elegance and charm to any kind of home – from modern buildings with minimalist interiors to period properties with wooden beams and intricate details. They’re capable of bringing any building to life, both inside and out, and the range of details and features you can have on a wood sash window is truly remarkable; it’s one of the things that makes them so popular.

Of course, you can only go so far with static, off-the-press models. That’s the kind of thing you get when looking at uPVC windows; they’re often quite run of the mill with no discerning features, all blending into one and adding no character to your home. If you opt for something handmade and bespoke, you can really take advantage of sash windows and casement windows as a vehicle for impressing visitors and complimenting your décor.  Intricate craftsmanship combined with elegant patterns, all kinds of different woods, colours and treatments, and finishes that would make interior designers green with envy all make bespoke wood sash windows the way to go for serious home makers.

Not only do bespoke wood sash windows look great, they’ve been proven increase the value of a property considerably. For that reason, you might even consider bespoke windows a rather sensible investment. Not only are their look sough after, but the fact that they’re handmade and designed purely for the property in question will turn heads and make them more valuable.

Another reason to choose wood sash windows is perhaps the wood itself. When purchasing an ‘off the shelf’ window model you can never be 100% sure where the wood has come from and your wood selection may be somewhat limited. Opting for a bespoke service will usually offer complete transparency when it comes the sourcing of the materials used, and you’ll quite often be able to select different woods based on your individual needs – colour, look, feel, resistance etc.

Bespoke windows will also offer the chance to customise beyond aesthetics. When it comes to windows you’d be forgiven for thinking that looks are everything, but in actual fact they’re a vital part of your home’s ecosystem. They can help you reduce energy bills, keep you warm in the winter and even protect you from noise if you live near a train station or busy road.  If you opt for bespoke wood sash windows for example, you’ll be able to add draught seals, double or triple glazing, and even weather protection to give them longevity.

With bespoke window installations, the sky’s the limit.