21Aug 2019

Accoya Windows For This Impressive Farmhouse In Addingham

“I just love arriving home, it’s such a pleasure to see all the windows. I will never regret the investment and I can’t tell you the difference they have made. Thank you for suggesting different details for different windows. I love the playroom window in particular. There are so many variations of window sizes and styles on our property but they now all work together”.

There are many considerations to take into account when replacing windows. The performance is obviously key but also the ergonomics. I love this word “the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use”. Well, not really a science in this case but a keen eye for detail and a full understanding of the customers’ requirements and what they want to achieve. That’s what I do – external joinery to suit your lifestyle and property.

I also think of a project from a passer-by’s point of view – you know when you are stopped in your tracks by a property? The “oh wow look at that, just beautiful” factor as well as how everything looks from the inside. It’s important to know the intended purpose of each room and the internal colour scheme and style of the homeowners.

Of course, the materials are also a consideration. Accoya® durability (rot resistance) is Class 1, matching and even exceeding the performance of nature’s most durable woods such as Oak, Teak, Iroko and Sapele. Every batch of Accoya® wood is tested after production to ensure that its durability can be guaranteed.

Janine Roberts