22Dec 2023

The W Family’s Transformation of Their Dream Home in Harrogate

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The W family, a young couple with two small children, found their perfect forever home – a charming detached house in the picturesque town of Harrogate.

A Commitment to Style and Sustainability

The W’s were determined to create a home that reflected their unique style while also prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability. They envisioned a space that was both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.

Accoya Windows: A Transformation in Design and Efficiency

At the heart of the Ws’ renovation was the replacement of their existing windows with Accoya timber windows supplied by Patchett Joinery. Accoya wood, a durable and sustainable material, offered a combination of low maintenance and performance that perfectly aligned with their vision.

The new Accoya windows not only enhanced the curb appeal of the house but also significantly improved the thermal efficiency. With a U-value of 1.2, the Accoya windows provided exceptional heat retention, reducing energy consumption and lowering heating costs.

The U-Value Advantage

U-value, a measure of a window’s heat transferability, plays a crucial role in determining energy efficiency. A lower U-value indicates better insulation, meaning the window will retain heat more effectively. The Accoya windows’ U-value of 1.2 was a significant improvement over the previous windows, contributing to a warmer and more comfortable home.

Combining the draft proof rebated design technology of the Patchett Joinery High Performance Flush Casement together with accoya and the highest quality Pilkington double glazing creates an window of superior performanc which was factory finished in a colour of their choice.

Minimal Maintenance and Peace of Mind

In addition to their energy-saving benefits, Accoya timber windows are also renowned for their low maintenance requirements. Accoya’s natural durability and resistance to rot and decay ensure that the windows will retain their beauty and performance for decades to come.

Furthermore, Patchett Joinery’s 30-year guarantee provided peace of mind, knowing that their investment in Accoya windows was protected against any unforeseen issues.

A Home Transformed

The installation of the Accoya windows has achieved the goal of creating a home that was both stylish and energy efficient. The new windows not only transformed the look of their house but also significantly improved its thermal performance, ensuring a warm and comfortable home for years to come.