24May 2015

Common mistakes when keeping a period property at its best…

Posted in: Home Improvement and Period Homes  –  By Patchett Joinery

If you’ve got a period home then you know first hand the trials and potential pitfalls of keeping it looking its absolute best. If you’re considering moving into a period home then it’s important to acquaint yourself with all the tips and tricks of the trade to make sure you get the absolute most out of the property. Maintaining a period home isn’t easy, and with so many beautiful features likewood sash windows, timber sliding doorsandfurnishings that are steeped in tradition and heritage, getting the right look and feel is key to preserving its charm.

Think twice about getting modern furnishings…

You’d think this was a given but so many people who acquire period properties immediately switch out those beautiful old features for more modern replacements – uPVC windows are brought in toreplace box sash windows and new floors are brought in to replace the worn, characterful timber. Many people don’t realise that these things are often easy to maintain with the right help and materials, and box sash windows can be just as functional and energy efficient as their modern counterparts. It goes without saying that more traditional features are a lot easier on the eyes, especially in an older home – so think twice before replacing them!

Go easy on modern cleaning techniques

There’s a good rule of thumb to follow when cleaning your period home – don’t use modern cleaning peripherals and chemicals. The last think you want to do is kill any character inherent in your beams, floors, windows or furniture with powerful chemicals or scrubbing materials. Do some research into the type of wood you have and what’s good for it. Invest in things like varnish and treatment and use non abrasive cleaning materials to maintain and preserve the natural quality of the wood, that way your period home will always look its absolute best.

Painting isn’t always good

If you want to give your home a bit of a refurb but are on a tight budget, a lick of paint can go a long way, but it can be a different story with period homes. Modern trends lead toward painting everything in your home, from stair banisters and skirting boards to ceilings and doors, but you risk killing the traditional look and feel if you simply follow blindly. Modern paints are mostly porous too, so they can trap moisture in and potentially lead to damp spots and mould – certainly not a good way to care for an old home!