15Dec 2015

Dressing up your wood sash windows this Christmas

Posted in: Home Improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

For most home owners, picking out Christmas decorations that matches their property’s look and feel is the way things usually go. But if you’ve had the opportunity toinstall brand new wood sash windowsrecently then you’re in a very lucky and unique position, with lot more to consider. New windows can completely transform a room, and how you dress them will affect the amount of light that’s allowed to enter. A window can make a room look small or feel enormous, and the type of frame and shape can complete alter the tonality of a room. This presents those with a festive soft spot with something of a pleasant dilemma – how to dress their windows for Christmas.

First, let’s consider the age of your property. Once upon a time you’d never see wood sash windows on a modern property, but times have thankfully changed. Whether you have a quintessential Victorian home like something straight out of A Christmas Carol or a brand new home on an estate that was erected in the space of a few months, your windows can add value, charisma and charm in spades. A modern ‘cleaner’ looking home is usually clutter free with light, bright colours. For these homes why not try some bright lights around the window to accentuate the ‘bright’ feel of the interior (usually,wood sash windowson modern homes have no pattern on the glass which also lends itself well to this style). Keep the lights consistent, white and bright for maximum effect. For those with more traditional homes, perhaps even with patterned glass panes making up their wood casement windows, coloured lights are a better option, along with a wreathe to bring out the festive, autumnal qualities in the wood. Quite often with more traditional properties the wood used in the window frames is deliciously aged and perfect for winter time, so the focus should very much be on bringing out the ‘flavours’ present in the wood.

However old your property is and whatever style of window you have in your home, make sure you choose Christmas décor that bet reflects it. If your property is new, with new windows too, then focus on clean, bright decorations – but if you’re fortunate enough to have an old, cosy property with timber casement windowsor similar, then don’t let the character and charm of the windows frames go to waste – enhance them with fresh, autumnal colours like reds, greens and browns.