14Apr 2015

Georgian timber casement windows: only the best will do

Posted in: Home Improvement and Period Homes  –  By Patchett Joinery

When it comes to homes that are suitable for Georgian timber casement windows, only the best is worth considering. The traditional look and feel is everything to a Georgian home, but it’s important not to compromise on important modern features such as energy efficiency or noise insulation – believe it or not, it’s perfectly possible to achieve both. Combining traditional aesthetic with modern glazing technology is no longer a pipe dream thanks to excellent craftsmanship and some quality local joinery companies who only too willing to help.

If you’re consideringGeorgian timber casement windowsforyour property, then you’ve probably already got a beautiful looking period home. If this is the case, getting the windows just right can provide the perfect balance you need, both inside and out, to get that real ‘wow’ factor from friends and family. They can compliment other traditional features in your home better than anything else, such as wooden floors, overhead beams or antiquated furnishings from the chair in the corner to the twinkling teapots in the cupboard. Everything comes together to create a home that’s rich and full of character and charm.

The chances are that if you’ve already got a period home, you may already have casement windowsinstalled, although they may be older and a little worse for wear if your property is particularly old. If this is the case, you should considertimber casement window repair which will provide you with an opportunity to not just refurbish your windows, but completely overhaul them, bringing their original charm and accentuating their characteristics.

From woodgrain finishes to highly polished frames, choosing a bespoke window fitting services for you timber casement windows will ensure that you get the very best for your home. You may even increase the value in the process if you decide to go with a more intricate design, so it’s win win when it comes to this particular way of improving your home. Just be sure to weigh up all of the options and make sure that, as well as the look and feel of the window, you also consider its functionality and it’s application in a modern environment – energy efficiency is often people’s number one consideration when they’re looking to buy or rent a property.