14Jul 2015

Get creative with adventurous window treatments

Posted in: Home Improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

If you recently moved into a period home or are lucky enough to have wood sash windows,casement windowsortraditional bay windows, then you’re most certainly one of the lucky ones. These traditional and authentic period features are really coming back into fashion as many homeowners are seeking them out when they properties, even having traditional windows themselves installed into newer ones to get the same character-rich effects. These windows often boast impressive levels of craftsmanship using various types of wood to enhance and bring outthe historical notes within, from Georgian to Edwardian and Victorian. But did you know there are countless other ways to enhance the character of your windows without having them refurbished or refitted? Many people choose to ‘accessorise’ their windows to bring out their charm, and here are just a few popular ways it can be done with very little effort:

Try floor to ceiling curtainsto really make a statement with yourwooden bay windows. During the night time they’ll provide a cosy wall of colour to keep the light out, and during the day they can be swept aside to let your room breathe, like two pillars of colourful light bringing the room to life. They’re also excellent at insulating your home in the winter, supplementing the window’s work of keeping the cold air out of your home.

Try a cornice for something different.What’s a cornice? It’s one of those things that conceals where your curtains attach to the railings, and they’re often very decorative with intricate patterns. Getting a traditional wooden cornice can really help you bring the most out of yourwooden casementorwood sash windows, adding to the interior aesthetic of your home.

Swag it.A swag is a term that’s used to describe the sheets that are draped over a curtain rail to give a luxurious and often bohemian style. They can add a lot of colour to the room and also do the same job as a cornice by hiding your curtain rails. They’re a great choice for any kind of window, but make sure they tie in with the rest of the decor in your house as they really are quite a bold statement!