25Nov 2015

Give your home a makeover this Christmas with timber sash windows

Posted in: Home Improvement and Window Styles  –  By Patchett Joinery

Timber sash windowshave been a popular choice of window for home across the UK since the mid 1600’s, and during the cold winter months it’s extremely easy to see why; due to their natural wooden finish they ooze character and charm, and give off a comforting and inviting vibe to any guests or passers by. One of the natural advantages thatwooden sash windowshave over most other types of windows is their versatility – they work well in just aboutanyhome, traditional or modern. So regardless of what kind of home you live in, whether it’s an old town house, 17th century cottage or brand new property,timber sash windowscould be just what you need to make this Christmas a memorable one.

Why choose sash windows?

Wood sash windows are more than simple panes of glass separating the inside of your home from the noise and cold outside, they’re a decorative feature that make a statement both inside and outside of your home. They’re often made of quality materials, and if you go to the right place to get your wood sash windows fitted you can rest assured they’ll be constructed of the highest quality timber. Whether you’ve got a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian style home, you’ll find a wood sash window to fit your style perfectly, and you’ll be surprised at just how much they can be altered and customised to tie in with your vision for the property. Add to that the security and convenience they offer and it’s difficult to think of any better alternative – they can even increase the value of your home considerably!

Why should I buy timber sash windows this Christmas?

Getting timber sash windows installed in your home just before the Christmas festivities begin might be one of the best things you do for your home. Not only will it add a real touch of class and elegance to your home, it’ll give your home a real special and memorable atmosphere. Because timber sash windows are so good at keeping the cold at bay you’ll find your home is cosy, Christmassy and all the better for having timber sash windows installed. Combine this with the other advantages, such as increasing the value of your home and the added security that they can provide and you can even consider wood sash windows a solid investment for the future which you may even see returns on – what better way to ring in 2016?