24Jul 2015

How to make the most of your north facing room

Posted in: Home Improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

If you’ve recently moved into a new property with a north facing room you’re probably hoping to make the most of it, particularly if it’s a dining room or living room. Perhaps you’ve decided to revamp your current property and take better advantage of its inherent features, be they wooden beams, oak floors or the unique features and finishes if its an older home. The thing is, north facing rooms don’t often get a great deal of sunlight. They can be devilishly difficult to ‘make the most of’ by their very nature, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that your north facing room doesn’t get left behind when the rest of your home shines.

Consider colours carefully.Colour really can make all the difference when it comes to making your north facing room come to life. Stay away from ‘cold’ colours such as blues and greys and instead focus on warmer colours to compensate from the lack of sunlight. Yellow or other creamy colours, for example, are great at brightening up an otherwise dull room. If you’ve got a taste for something a bit more adventurous that dark purples and rich reds works fantastically.

Windows are more important than you might think.They’re not simply there for you to look out of; in many ways, they define your home. An open window such as awood sash windoworbay windowwill also let a great deal more light into your home, helping to open it up in ways you might never have thought possible. Window restoration is also being increasingly more popular among home owners in the UK, and can even bump your property value if done well and tastefully.Sash window restorationis a great way to bring more light into an other dark, north facing room.

Artificial light can also help.You might not think this to be a particularly extravagant solution, and it’s not, but artificial light can really make a difference to any room if used in the right way. The different ways light can be delivered into a room, from lamps and spotlights to LEDs and ‘fairy lights’. Getting creative with your lighting is a surefire way to bring any room to life, any time of year.