13Jul 2015

Keeping cool with your windows this summer

Posted in: Home Improvement and Window Styles  –  By Patchett Joinery

With temperatures in the UK soaring recently and another heatwave on the way, keeping cool at home is something that’s bound to be on everyone’s minds. Unlike the US and other countries that get warm summers, air conditioning isn’t very common here, but there are some small tips and tricks that you can follow to prepare your home for warmer months and keep things cool indoors. Some of these involve new installations of things likesliding timber doorsand making sure yourwood casement windowsare up to scratch and performing well, whereas others are a simple case of ticking a few boxes to make sure the heat stays out. Here are just a few ideas to keep your home cooler in the summer.

Shade is your friend –It may sound counter intuitive, but during the hottest part of the day it’s actually beneficial to block the sun out of your rooms, particularly if you have a well insulated home that’s optimised for keeping heat inside. Rather than throwing your curtains open and flinging open your windows, try instead to limit the amount of heat and light you let in around noon. You’ll find your home cools down much quicker as the afternoon progresses.

Open your windows at the right time –Blocking light out doesn’t mean that you have to keep the windows closed. Opening your windows at the right time – when it’s cooler outside than it is inside – is key to keeping the temperature in your home cool and balanced. If you’re in an older property withwood casement windowsorsash windowsmake sure they’re well maintained and easy to use so ensure a constant flow of air through the home. If you’ve got any problems, wood casement window repairis always an option.

Try optimising your home for summer –We all talk about making sure your home is ‘energy efficient’ and ‘well insulated’ for the winter, but what about the summer? Summertime in the UK is getting hotter and hotter as the years go by, so it stands to reason that we should do something about it.Sliding timber doorsthat lead into your garden are a perfect way of getting the right balance between summer and winter. They’ll keep your home nice and cosy in the winter time, and you can throw them open for maximum airflow in the summer!