11Apr 2016

Maintaining your Wood Sash Window

There’s a very good reason wood sash windows haven’t gone out of fashion for over 300 years; their design is timeless. For generations homeowners have had wood sash windows as a proud feature piece of their home, and they lend a sense of charm and character that’s just hard to get from more modern builds. That’s not to say that, from time to time, your wood sash windows might need a bit of a spruce up to make sure they’re looking their best. One of the prices to pay for having such traditional and character rich windows is a bit of light maintenance now and again, but it really is easy if you keep on top of it.

There are countless companies in the Yorkshire area that will carry out wood sash window repairs, but did you know that there are few small and easy things you can do yourself to make sure your windows are kept in good physical shape?

First off, it’s a good idea to properly check your windows at least once per year to make sure that they’re not letting draughts in. Draughts can result in higher energy bills and nobody wants that. This can be caused by slight warping of the wood or even poor paintwork, and you should know just by looking what your sash window needs to get back to full working order. If it’s a case of warping wood, it’s best to get a professional wood sash window repair company to make sure that it’s taken care of properly and the effects are long lasting.

You should also check the outside of your sash window after every winter to make sure the paint isn’t starting to flake. Oh, and if your sash windows stick when you try to open them, this is usually down to ‘overpainting’ – you can paint your windows shut, so be careful! When painting it’s also best to make sure that you’ve got some sandpaper to hand in order to smooth of the surfaces. You’ll find that the paint sticks better to the surface and you’ll get a much more even and consistent finish. Usually, a one inch paint brush will suffice, but you may need to go smaller if there’s a lot of detail in the design or nooks and crannies to reach.

Sash windows are an investment, and although they take a touch of maintenance now and again, they’re the gift that keeps on giving for traditional homes.

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