04Apr 2016

Picking the Right Sash Windows for Victorian-Style Homes

Posted in: Period Homes and Window Styles  –  By Patchett Joinery

The UK has never really gotten over its love affair with Victorian architecture. Many of the buildings constructed during that period still dominate our towns and cities, and Victorian styled interiors remain popular among homeowners for their sheer timelessness and elegance. They can give the most modern properties an antique finish or even help take an older property right back to its roots, giving it a sense of authenticity and character. But what makes a home truly Victorian?

In modern builds, it’s the small touches. An indulgently plump chair with round edges here, an intensely dark wooden table there; every little helps. One of the main things to note about that enviable ‘Victorian feel’ that many homes seem to be adapting these days however, is the tendency toward intricate patterns and rich colours. There are no substitute for deep crimson reds and emerald greens woven into an intricate pattern or design when it comes to being Victorian… and what better opportunity to flaunt such aesthetics than in a wooden sash window?

No rightful Victorian home is complete without a wooden sash window, and many would argue it’s one of the single most crowning features of a Victorian property. Timber sash window prices are more affordable than ever thanks to booming popularity, and if you find yourself lucky enough to be inheriting a house with Victorian style windows, you can always get them repaired. Wooden sash window repair is easier to find than you might think, and you’ll be able to retain some of that character and charm that probably made you fall for the property in the first place, without having to put up with old timber or drafty windows. With good workmanship, you’ll find that your Victorian style windows do an excellent job of keeping your home nice and warm for decades to come.

If you’re looking to install wooden sash windows from scratch to get that tradition look and feel in your home, you can even get double-glazed efficiency and all the other perks that come with modern window making, all in a traditional frame and build. Combined with some period style furniture and the right colour palette, you’ll have a traditional looking home with all the modern conveniences and creature comforts you need to woo your guests and impress your neighbours.