26Jul 2016

Sash Windows Skipton

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What to look for in a supplier of sash windows, box sash windows and sliding sash windows – explained by Patchett Joinery.

Formally, windows with glazed sections operated through a sliding motion are known as sash windows. These are frequent in Victorian and Georgian houses having the timeless arrangement of 3 window panes across and two window panes upon each one of the sashes. The window is opened by sliding the top sash downwards over the lower panel.

While they are attributed to the works of Robert Hooke, there is yet no obvious proof to back up the claim. The vintage design of windows has spread throughout the world and are a mainstay here in the UK. They are known as hung sash windows because of the classic design where one panel hangs over the other. However, they are commonly referred to as sliding sash windows and box sash windows.

If you’re planning on buying, installing or replacing your sash windows then look no further than Patchett Joinery. We are experts in the provision and installation of wooden sliding sash windows in Skipton. For more info or possibly a swift estimate make sure you call our team on 01274 925 572 or take a look at our page to learn more about – Sash Windows in Skipton

Primary features of our sash windows

The most impressive feature of our windows is our design and use of pulleys and weights. These weights are used for lowering the sash while pulleys assist in pulling them up. These create a smoother function of the windows. Incorporating vent and angel locks into the window system enhances security. Another feature is the double draught sealing. This guarantees a much better retention of heat in the property. Using our products and services means that your house will stay toasty in addition to keeping out the wet autumn weather and the cold winter temperatures. You will not worry about cold gusts of air rushing into your living room, or bits of snow accumulating in your house. The windows furthermore have a locking fitch catch. Closing the fitch catch brings together the two sashes, causing them to seal completely.

We have concealed trickle ventilation built into our windows, ideal for new build homes, or homes where extensive renovation has taken place. Additionally, you will notice that our sash eyes and lifts are available in some colours so that you can choose one that suits your home.

Why choose Patchett Joinery?

Fantastic track record

We have an extensive history in producing timeless sash windows. Since 1840, we have been working hard to improve our goods to be able to ensure total consumer satisfaction. Our time-honoured windows are due to decades of careful planning and enhanced models. We have experimented with various sizes and designs. We can, as a result, state with certainty we have a window for each and every home. Though we established our company more than a century ago, you will be glad to discover that we’re far from old-fashioned. We move with the trends to enable you to obtain the best window for even the most ambitious post- modern dwelling.

User-friendly windows

We at Patchett Joinery have put a great deal of work to the design and style and manufacture of wooden sash windows. The result has been windows that match the originals but which are easier to operate. You may not be aware that the first Victorian sash windows were quite difficult. Once in place, you needed to break them to make any maintenance which may be required. Additionally, the entire process of opening and closing them would be a daunting job.

Our windows, conversely, have weights and pulleys to make their functionality very easy. To bring the upper pane down over its lower counterpart, you merely release it, and it slides down by its very own weight. The pulleys are at hand to bring it back up when the need arises. The pulleys are fitted with sash cords that you just simply grab, apply a little pull and the pane rises.

Upgraded security

Unlike their conventional counterparts, you simply will not concern yourself with an intruder opening up the sash windows. We make this extremely hard using the design of vent and angel locks. Vent locks ensure peace of mind simply because they limit the movement of the sash for more than 10cm. Angel locks, on the other hand, instantly reset in the event the sash is closed. Opening the sash window once again would require treatment from the inside of your home. This provides you complete peace of mind without worrying about the possibility of intruders.

Extensive guarantee

If we supply or supply and install our sash windows, you can be assured that the items will last you for several decades. We make every single window from good quality materials, and they are intended to last. Additionally, these materials call for very little upkeep. We offer a 30- year assurance against rot. Furthermore, our completed windows enjoy a 5- year guarantee for the painting and finish. No other company can beat our 10- year guarantee on weather seals and double glazing models. We provide extremely comprehensive warranties on our goods and in the improbable occurrence of a fault arising we provide a “no fuss” substitution service.

The application of high- quality wood

We have a great reputation for our wood sash windows. We’re careful to keep our reputation by using the highest standard wooden components and accessories. In keeping with the Georgian and Victorian tradition, we are yet to replace wood with any other solution. So that our products are of outstanding quality, we use a range of robust timber. These include the Engineered softwood, Hardwoods and Accoya. These types of wood aren’t just tough but are also aesthetically appealing. They will likely turn your residence into a masterpiece. They are also environmentally friendly in the way they are sourced and fabricated.

Our sash windows are a fantastic combination of the old and the new. This is reflected in the wood and also the security features integrated into the products. Additionally, the windows are easy to operate because of the sleek pulley device. The use of high- quality wood in conjunction with a comprehensive guarantee makes our sash windows the very best product in the UK.

For more information on new sash windows for your house or replacing your sliding sash windows in Skipton then you should contact Head Office on 01274 925 572 or take a look at our page on – Skipton Sash Windows