16Feb 2017

Sash Windows Suppliers Harrogate

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Bespoke Sash Windows Suppliers Harrogate

Sash Windows Suppliers HarrogateWhen considering upgrading your current windows in your home to new sash windows, you may have a number of questions regarding the benefits of upgrading. You could be asking questions such as “do I need to upgrade my current windows?” or “how can I benefit from installing sash windows into my new build property or home?” In this article, we will discuss the advantages that you can expect from installing sash windows into your new build home as well as discuss the benefits of upgrading your current windows to our hand crafted sash windows. If you are looking for sash windows suppliers in Harrogate or if you are looking for bespoke sash windows in Harrogate then be sure to contact Patchett Joinery today or give us a call on: 01274 882331.

Benefits of Installing Sash Windows

There are many benefits associated with installing sash windows into your home should it be being constructed. The added security benefits of installing sash windows make them a very desirable window system to install in your home, especially if you are looking to integrate a variety of added security options to your home. The concealed trickle ventilation option available with our sash windows is also ideal of new build situations. The design of this ventilation conceals the trickle vent into the head of the frame, thus making the trickle vent almost invisible being concealed internally by the head rebate. This makes our sash windows ideal to be implemented into new build situations as well as the fact that bespoke sash windows can match the desired aesthetic of your new home or property that is being built.

Advantages of Upgrading to Sash Windows

There are several advantages associated with upgrading your current windows to new sash windows. Our sash windows are hand crafted with the highest quality materials which makes them extremely durable and versatile. Internal beading of the glass, double draught sealing and lockable fitch catches make our sash windows extremely energy efficient and this allows you to reduce costs on loss of heat in your home. Weather proofing is also offered by the double draught seal and by using water based paint as the finish for our sash windows, our sash windows can also resist fungal attacks, UV degradation and additional issues caused by the weather. Your current sash windows may be older style windows and they could be less energy efficient than when they were created. Also, older style windows may need to be replaced and our bespoke sash windows allow us to match your new upgraded windows to many building designs. There are also a variety of security options available with our sash windows such as vent locks and angel locks. These prevent the sash from being opened more than 100mm without being removed and this offers additional security along with upgrading the energy efficiency of your current windows.

Purchase Your Sash Windows Today

Sash windows are a great upgrade to your current windows as well as being a great type of window to consider should be be constructing a property or are at the window fitting stage of a new build. There are many customisation options and design options and every sash window is crafted by Patchett Joinery, so you can be sure that they are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Should you be looking for a sash windows company in Harrogate, there really is no other option. If you are looking for sash windows supplies in Harrogate or if you are looking for sash windows suppliers in Harrogate then contact Patchett Joinery today or give us a call on: 01274 882331