19Apr 2015

Security options for wood sash windows

Posted in: Window Styles and Window Security  –  By Patchett Joinery

Wood sash windows are a trademark feature of period properties throughout Yorkshire. They came about in mid-17th century London and were pivotal in the big architectural shifts throughout the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian ages, but why have they lasted so long? What is it aboutwood sash windowsthat have helped them withstand that most relentless and tireless of forces; time. Perhaps its their elegant, slimline design or their room for bespoke customisation and intricate design features. Certainly, wood sash windows add a sense of timeless charm to any home, but they’re most often chosen by those with more traditional properties to bring out the heritage that’s often hidden within theirwalls.

Despite their reputation for being beautiful, many people are still hesitant when it comes to buying wood sash windows, and they rightly carry out their research thoroughly before deciding on a purchase. Indeed, older models have been prone to things like rotting or warping, and maintenance costs were a disincentive for many people. But times have changed, and so has our humble sash window; now offering all the major benefits of more modern uPVC frames without compromising on their style or character. Among those innovations issecurityanother thing which makes people think twice before investing inwood sash windows.

wood sash window securityThere are many things that can be done to ensure that wood sash windows are tight and secure, and there are other benefits to be had with many of these added features too. For example, wood sash windows can now be internally glazed in order to prevent the glass from being removed from the frame from the outside. They can also bedoubleglazed, which also has obvious benefits when it comes to insulation and heating efficiency. Most sash windows can also be fitted with two or even three locks, and the don’t just have to be internal catches either. A lot of people now choose to make their sash windows key lockable which gives them that added sense of security if they ever decide to go on holiday. You may also want to consider a ‘stop level’ when it comes to opening and closing the window – enough to let the window operate in terms of ventilation and letting air in and out of your home, but not enough for anyone to squeeze in should they have the inclination.

Whatever your reasons for choosing sash windows – whether it’s for their aesthetic charm or their new and improved energy efficiency ratings – be sure to talk to your local joiner or window fitter about the range of security features that are also available with many wood sash windows.