14Dec 2016

Sliding Sash Windows Supplies in Manchester

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High-Quality Sliding Sash Windows Supplies in Manchester

Sash Windows Supplies Manchester

Sliding sash windows are wonderful windows that can bring a large amount of aesthetically practical advantages to your home. When considering installing windows in your home, we strongly suggest that you consider sliding sash windows as they have a wide range of applications and benefits for your home. This article will discuss the various sliding sash windows that we have to offer as well as discuss the advantages of installing these windows. If you are interested in finding out more about our sliding sash windows or if you are looking for sliding sash windows supplies in Manchester then be sure to visit Patchett Joinery today or give us a call on 01274 882331.

Timber Box Sash Windows in Manchester

Our timber box sash windows are a traditional weights and pulley system that offer security and durability. We use the highest quality materials when creating our timber box sash windows and they will therefore require minimal routine maintenance. These windows are easy to open, very energy efficient, are of the utmost security, and are very much soundproof. All of these features are rounded up with a finished product that does not look out of place on your property. As we design and manufacture our timber box sash windows, we will ensure that the final window accurately replicates the original style of the property. These windows are the perfect addition to your home and we very much recommend considering them if you require a traditional weight and pulley window system. These windows come along with optional added security features to make them more secure. A vent lock can be installed which restricts the window to be lifted further than 100mm and an angel lock will reset once the window has been closed.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows in Manchester

Our timber sliding sash windows contain a concealed spiral balance which offers a great alternative to a traditional weights & pulley system. These windows are easy to use and tend to be more cost-effective for new builds of homes or properties. This system is designed for smooth and easy opening and closing which contributes to the practicality of this type of sash window. We also offer an optional ‘secret lift’ mechanism which hides the balances from sight in the frame of the window to aid in the aesthetic of your new sash window. These windows are also very secure as they also come along with a variety of security features such as a vent or angel locks. A vent lock cannot allow the window to be opened above 100mm without being physically removed and an angel lock resets when the window is closed.

Timber Yorkshire Sash Windows in Manchester

Our horizontal sliding sash windows are often a sight in cottages in North Yorkshire. These square proportions open via highly adjustable rollers which aids in the smooth motion of operating the sash. These highly adjustable rollers demonstrate the versatility of this particular window and these windows also come with the option of installing a vent lock or angel lock. Our timber Yorkshire sash windows benefit from all of the advantages of our other sash windows; offering energy efficiency, soundproofing, and being built of the highest quality materials.

Contact Patchett Joinery for Sliding Sash Windows Supplies in Manchester

We have an intricate and unique range of sliding sash windows and these windows offer a wide range of advantages for your home. The optional security features will give you the peace of mind that your windows are secure and the high-quality materials that we use in our windows mean that you can be sure that they are built to last. We have a 30-year manufacturer-backed guarantee against rot, a 5-year guarantee for paint on factory-finished windows, a 10-year guarantee on weather seals, a 10-year guarantee on double-glazed units, and a 5-year guarantee on hardware. If you are interested in finding out more about our sash windows or if you are looking for high-quality sliding sash windows in Manchester then be sure to give us a call on 01274 882331.