23Nov 2016

Timber Box Sash Windows Suppliers in Bradford

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Timber Box Sash Windows in Bradford

timber box sash windows


Sash windows are extremely desirable and have a wide range of key features and options available with them. They have been selected for many years for use within homes due to their glazed glass and timber materials as well as their distinctive appearance. In the modern age, these windows have started to be used all over the world and now they are undoubtedly a very desirable type of window to install within your home. This article will discuss the benefits of installing sash windows in your home as well as the features of the sash windows that we manufacture. If you are looking for high quality sash windows in Bradford or if you are looking for timber box sash windows supplies in Bradford then be sure to contact Patchett Joinery today or give us a call on: 01274 925 572.

Benefits of Installing Timber Box Sash Windows

One of the benefits of installing timber box sash windows into your home is the security hardware that we have available. We have traditional hardware available with our timber box sash windows that have improved security options such as hidden locking and travel restrictors. Safety restrictors are also an option which limits the opening of the window. Our timber box sash windows are also double draught sealed which serves to weather proof your new windows. The double draught sealing also serves to maximise the thermal performance of your windows and this increases the energy efficiency of your home. The lockable fitch catch that is included with our timber box sash windows seals the window fully when closed and is of a traditional aesthetic to go along with the window.

Customisation of Our Timber Box Sash Windows

There are a number of options that you can customise when choosing your new timber box sash window. As aforementioned, there are different options to enhance the security of your window. There is also the option to implement concealed trickle ventilation. In a new build of a house, trickle ventilation is often attached to walls to allow for water to flow out and into the ground. There is an option to have concealed trickle ventilation installed into the head of the frame of the timber box sash window and this hides it from view. There are also a large range of different options of colours for our sash lifts and sash eyes which allow you to install a window that is to your own personal preference. Vent locks are also available for advanced security. These vent locks will not allow the window to be opened more than 100mm without them being removed which keeps them extremely secure. An angel lock is similar in this regard but it also resets upon closing of the window. When the sash is re-opened then the restrictor again stops the movement of the sash above 100mm. These options will only be compromised with forceable entry and even in this scenario, it will be extremely difficult to force open the window which hugely increases the security of your windows.

Purchase Timber Box Sash Windows in Bradford Today

Timber box sash windows are very secure and are a great and sensible addition to your house. Not only is the design and aesthetic very desirable, they are also very secure and you can choose to implement our various security features to further secure your home. There are also many customisable features that really allow you to install a sash window that is perfectly suited to all of your requirements. If you are looking for timber box sash windows in Bradford then be sure to contact Patchett Joinery today or give us a call on:01274 925 572.