13Apr 2015

Timber casement windows, made to measure for your home

Posted in: Home Improvement  –  By Patchett Joinery

So you’ve taken the first step; you’ve decided to gettimber casement windowsinstalled in your home. Perhaps you want to add value with one of the most lucrative of home improvements, maybe you’ve decided to settle permanently and want to get the place just the way you like it. Either way, the next step is choosing the right timber casement windows for you.

Bespoke timber casement windowsare a good place to start, but finding the right company to carry out the work on your property is essential. It’s easy to get daunted when you look at all of options there are when it comes to choosing the right windows – some can be triple glazed, some can be draught-proofed, and there are various designs to consider – so make sure you find a joinery company who are trustworthy and local. A good company will talk you the options, offer you a free quote and never make you feel obliged to buy from them.

timber casement windowsSo, what does ‘bespoke windows’ actually mean? Basically, it refers to any service that will provide made to measure timber casement windows.That is, windows that will fit your requirements exactly. If you’re going to part with money to get these upgrades done, either to increase the value of your home or to get your home the way you and your family want it, then you may as well get them done properly. Bespoke windows will ensure that they’re flush with you walls, that they function perfectly, and that draughts and noise aren’t easily able to get through.

These features are often overlooked when it comes to choosing timber casement windows. People don’t often associate them with energy efficiency, often assuming that they’re not very efficient by default and are only popular because of the way they look. In truth, it’s perfectly possible to have the best of both worlds when it comes to timber casement windows, and you should certainly rank energy efficiency highly on your list of priorities. Even the most exquisite designs and the most intricate frames can have special features added such as extra seals to make them flush, tight and secure.

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