23Feb 2024

What Colour Windows Go with Red Brick UK

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Ever wondered how to pick the perfect window colour for your red brick home? “What Colour Windows Go with Red Brick UK” is a common question among UK homeowners aiming to boost their property’s curb appeal. The right window colour not only complements the red brick exterior but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your home.

This choice is crucial in creating a harmonious look that stands out. Let’s explore the significance of selecting the ideal window colour to elevate the appearance of red brick residences in the UK.

A duplex-style red brick house commonly seen in the UK

Understanding the Red Brick Aesthetic

Red brick has long been a favoured building material across the UK, celebrated for its warm and timeless appeal. This classic choice adds a unique character and charm to homes, making them stand out in any neighbourhood.

The popularity of red brick is not just about its aesthetic value; it’s about creating a welcoming and enduring exterior. Recent studies and case studies highlight that many UK homes feature red brick exteriors, showcasing its prevalence and preference among homeowners.

Whether you opt for the bold contrast of white windows and red brick or the nuanced appeal of a red brick house with grey windows, the key is to enhance the natural beauty of your red brick exterior without overwhelming it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Colours

When selecting the perfect window colour for your red brick home, several key factors come into play. Let’s dive into eight essential considerations that can guide your decision-making process:

Architectural Style

The home design plays a pivotal role. Traditional homes often pair well with classic window colours, while modern homes might suit bolder contrasts. For instance, anthracite grey windows on red brick house designs can offer a contemporary edge to classic architecture.

Personal Preference

Your taste is crucial. After all, you want your home to reflect your personality. Whether you lean towards the boldness of grey windows red brick or the subtlety of agate grey windows on red brick, choose what you love.

Neighbourhood Aesthetics

Consider the look and feel of your local area. Aiming for harmony with neighbouring homes ensures your choices enhance the community’s overall appeal. Red brick houses with grey windows can blend well in areas where such a palette is prevalent.

Observe how different colours interact with light at various times of the day. Lighter colours brighten your home’s facade, while darker shades like anthracite grey can add depth and contrast.


Your garden and outdoor spaces should complement your window colour choice. Greenery tends to pop against more neutral tones, making a red brick house with grey windows a visually appealing option.

H3: Durability and Maintenance

Some colours show dirt and wear less than others. Darker colours, while striking, may require more upkeep to keep them looking their best.

Energy Efficiency

The colour of your windows can affect your home’s internal temperature. Lighter colours reflect sunlight, potentially contributing to cooler interior temperatures during hot months.

Resale Value

Consider the potential impact on your home’s marketability. Classic and widely appealing choices like best colour windows for red brick house options can be a safer bet for future resale.

7 Recommended Window Colours for Red Brick in the UK

Choosing the right window colour for a red brick house can significantly enhance its charm and curb appeal. Here are seven top recommendations, each with its unique appeal.

Close-up of a white casement window against a red brick finish


White windows offer a classic and timeless look when paired with red brick. They brighten the facade, creating a striking, elegant, and inviting contrast. This combination is perfect for homeowners aiming for a traditional yet fresh appearance.

Enhance natural light, making spaces appear larger.It can show dirt and require more frequent cleaning.
Timeless appeal that suits various architectural styles.It may require repainting to maintain a fresh look.
Offers a sharp contrast that highlights the beauty of red brick.
Increases curb appeal and potentially the property’s value.
Versatile, matching most exterior accents and decorations.
Close-up of a black casement window against a red brick finish


Black windows are a bold choice that frames red brick homes with sophistication. They add a modern touch to traditional materials, creating a visually appealing, dramatic, and stylish contrast.

Adds a modern and elegant touch to traditional exteriors.It can absorb more heat, which might affect indoor temperatures.
They are low maintenance, as they don’t show dirt easily.It may be too bold for some traditional architectural styles.
Provides a striking contrast against the red brick.
Enhances the architectural features of the home.
Can improve resale value by boosting curb appeal.
Close-up of a charcoal casement window against a red brick finish


Charcoal windows offer a softer alternative to black, providing a sophisticated edge without overwhelming. This colour complements the warm tones of red brick, offering a balanced and harmonious look.

Subtle and versatile, blending well with most red brick shades.Not as striking as black, which might be preferred for more contrast.
Less heat absorption compared to darker colours.May require more maintenance than darker shades.
Adds depth and character to the exterior.
Suitable for both modern and traditional homes.
Enhances the texture and colour variations in red brick.
Close-up of a dark green casement window against a red brick finish

Dark Green

Dark green windows introduce a touch of nature, harmonising with red brick to create a cosy, earthy aesthetic. This choice suits those looking to blend their home into natural surroundings.

Complements red brick with a natural, earthy vibe.Colour may fade over time, requiring touch-ups.
Unique, standing out from more common window colours.Limited to certain styles and may not suit all homes.
Adds depth and visual interest to the exterior.
Works well with homes surrounded by greenery.
Can enhance the property’s connection to its environment.
Close-up of a navy blue casement window against a red brick finish

Navy Blue

Navy blue windows add a distinguished look to red brick houses, offering a deep, rich, bold, and refined contrast. This colour creates a statement without overpowering the brick’s natural charm.

Provides a rich, sophisticated contrast to red brick.Darker colours can fade, requiring maintenance.
Adds a nautical, timeless elegance to the property.May not suit every homeowner’s taste.
Works well with coastal or traditional architectural styles.
Enhances curb appeal with a unique colour choice.
Offers a balance between boldness and subtlety.
Close-up of an Anthracite Grey casement window against a red brick finish

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite grey windows on red brick house designs strike the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. This colour offers a sleek, contemporary look that complements the natural warmth of red brick without overwhelming it.

Modern and stylish, enhancing the home’s aesthetic.May not be the best fit for very traditional homes.
Low maintenance, hiding dirt and smudges well.Can appear too industrial in certain settings.
Offers a subtle contrast that’s both elegant and understated.
Versatile, working well with various design themes.
Boosts curb appeal by adding a contemporary touch.
Close-up of an Agate Grey casement window against a red brick finish

Agate Grey

Agate grey windows on red brick homes provide a gentle, refined contrast. This colour is less intense than anthracite, offering a soft, sophisticated look that enhances the brick’s natural beauty.

Soft and versatile, it easily complements red brick.Subtler contrast may not satisfy those seeking boldness.
Reflects a refined and understated elegance.Lighter shades may show dirt more than darker options.
Suitable for a wide range of home styles.
Enhances the warm tones of the brick without dominating.
Can contribute to a serene and welcoming exterior.

Each colour offers a unique way to complement and enhance the natural beauty of red brick exteriors. When selecting window colours, consider these options to create a harmonious and appealing look for your home.

Practical 8 Tips for Choosing Window Colours

Selecting the right window colour for your red brick house can be a fun yet challenging task. Here are eight practical tips to help you make an informed decision:

Use Digital Visualisers

Many websites and apps allow you to upload a photo of your home and test different window colours. This tool is fantastic for seeing what colour windows go with red brick UK and how they might look on your property.

Consider the Brick Tone

Red brick can vary in shade from light to dark. Match window colours to the undertone of your brick for a cohesive look. Anthracite grey windows on red brick house designs complement darker bricks beautifully, while agate grey windows on red brick suit lighter tones.

Think About Maintenance

Some colours show dirt and wear more than others. Lighter shades may require more frequent cleaning, while darker colours like grey windows and red brick are more forgiving.

Check Energy Efficiency

The colour of your windows can influence your home’s energy efficiency. Darker colours absorb more heat, which could be beneficial or detrimental, depending on your climate.

Sample in Different Lights

Colours can look dramatically different under various lighting conditions. Check your colour samples at different times of the day to see how they look against your red brick house.

Factor in the Interior.

Remember, you’ll look at these windows from the inside, too. Ensure your chosen colour works with your interior decor as well as it does with your red brick house with grey windows.

Consult Local Regulations

Some areas have guidelines or restrictions on exterior colours, especially in historic districts. Make sure your choice complies with any local regulations.

Seek Professional Advice

A design expert can offer valuable insights if stuck. They can suggest the best colour windows for red brick house options that enhance your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal.

Row of medium-sized houses with white casement windows and red brick design texture

Elevating Your Red Brick Home with the Perfect Window Colour

Selecting the right window colour for your red brick house in the UK is a decision that can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetics. Understanding the red brick aesthetic and considering factors such as architectural style, personal preference, and neighbourhood aesthetics are crucial.

When it comes to practical tips, utilise digital visualisers to test various window colours against the backdrop of “What Colour Windows Go with Red Brick UK,” consider the tone of your red brick, and think about maintenance and energy efficiency

For timeless elegance, white windows offer a classic look, while black windows add sophistication. Charcoal, dark green, navy blue, anthracite grey, and agate grey provide unique options to complement red brick exteriors.

  1. Consider architectural style, personal preference, and neighbourhood aesthetics.
  2. Evaluate colours’ interaction with light and landscaping.
  3. Utilise digital visualisers and seek professional advice.
  4. Choose from options like white, black, charcoal, dark green, navy blue, anthracite grey, and agate grey to enhance your red brick home’s charm.

For professional advice tailored to your specific needs and to further explore “What Colour Windows Go with Red Brick UK,” get in touch with us today. Let’s transform your red brick house into a stunning masterpiece, perfectly complementing the UK’s red brick aesthetic.