21Mar 2018

Why Choose Bespoke Traditional Sash Windows?

Patchett Joinery-Timber Sliding Sash Window

 When it comes to replacing windows for your home, it’s right to take your time and understand the options available. There are countless styles, materials, and designs to take on board before you get to hardware, energy-efficiency and security decisions.

At Patchett Joinery, we’re proud to supply bespoke, traditional sash windows to our clients, but why should you choose them for your home? Here are our top 4 reasons:

1) Your home was designed for them – Britain has a long and illustrious architectural history, one which encompasses a vast range of periods and styles, and wood sash windows have been a huge part of that journey. For hundreds of years, wood sash windows were the default window style for homes and buildings across the country, which means that your home was very likely designed with box sash windows in mind. If you’re trying to maintain the historical elegance of your home, there’s simply no better option. With over 175 years’ experience, we are here to help! Why not speak to one of our highly experienced Project Surveyors? Call now! 

2) They’ve caught up with the times – You might well think of box sash windows as old fashioned, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All the advances in window technology we’ve observed over the last few decades are now available in our bespoke box sash windows. That means things like double glazing, improved security, and locking mechanisms are all available, enabling you to choose a classic style with today’s performance standards!

Accoya-Sliding Sash Window Case Study

3) You can personalise them to your own taste – Windows are about more than keeping the elements out, they’re also about contributing to the design of your home. With our bespoke, traditional sash windows, we will work alongside you to design a window which suits you perfectly. Do you prefer two-tone bespoke sash windows for your home? Maybe you favour traditional cord hung windows over spiral hung windows? How about a horizontal sliding sash window? Whatever you need, we can help! Why not speak to one of our highly experienced Project Surveyors? Call now!

4) Curb appeal – Imagine the feeling of pulling up to your home and seeing beautiful box sash windows bringing your home to life. That’s the promise of wood box sash windows. Help make your homes first impressions positive ones.

At Patchett Joinery, we specialise in the manufacturing and installation of timber doors and windows since 1840. We know which material is best suited to each individual project.

We are proud that we only use sustainable timber and environmentally-friendly processes to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

Why not view our range of timber windows and doors or get in touch today for a chat with one of our friendly staff?


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