28Jun 2015

Why is wood a good choice for your windows?

Posted in: Timber Types and Window Styles  –  By Patchett Joinery

When it comes to new window installations, one of the most important considerations is what material should be used. For first time buyers, or those new to purchasing older period-style properties, the benefits of having wooden frames might not be immediately apparent. Often, more contemporary materials such as PVC are given preference because they’re perceived as being more energy efficient and less perishable in changeable weather conditions, but there are many benefits of wooden windows that are often overlooked.Wood sash windows,bay windows andwood casement windowsare still all the range, particularly with more traditional properties, and here’s why:

Wood has authenticity

It’s true. Wood has character, charm and craftsmanship like no other material when it comes to windows. Along with the age of the property and its location, wood can also enhance a property’s value and desirability when it comes to putting it on the market. Those who take out wooden windows in favour of more modern material windows might actually be doing more harm to the property than good in terms of preservation and value. Those who want to protect their investment would do well to maintain and look after their wooden window frames.

It’s a great insulator

Not something you’d often associate with wood, but it’s been proven. Wood has very low levels of thermal conductivity, which makes it a superb insulator and a fantastic choice for keeping warmth inside your home during those cold winter months.

It’s green

By that we mean, it’s good for the environment. If you choose timber windows (or to enhance your current ones), you’re actually helping to strengthen a sustainable and viable industry. In terms of environmental damage, wood is one of the best options for its renewability, particularly when harvested from sustainable forests. This is something you can easily check with a supplier before you purchase.

It’ll last longer than you think

You need a window frame to be durable and strong, and last through years of unpredictable (and predictable) weather conditions, particularly if you live in the UK. From blistering heat waves in the summer to chilly blizzards in the winter, you never know when the next extreme weather snap is going to come. Wood has a solid structural integrity, and with a little TLC and some light treatment every few years, they’ll outlast any modern uPVC frame, and keep your home looking great and authentic in the meantime.