01Jul 2016

Janine Roberts

Posted in: News  –  By Patchett Joinery


A customer once said to me “windows finish off a property like a good hairstyle finishes off an outfit”. Aside from the obvious advantages of energy efficiency and noise reduction, she had a good point. The design and quality of materials used in the windows should absolutely complementthe style and the period of the property perfectly.

Windows are my “thing” and I love my job! Every day is varied – I can be on a building site planning a new development with the builder and quantity surveyor,or in a mill discussing refurbishment with the architect or with a homeowner who plans to invest and upgrade their windows.

Getting the aesthetics correct is one thing but there is a lot of technical information to learn too, U-values, DB levels, glass specifications, building regulations etc which can be necessary for a new development. On the other hand, I enjoy working with homeowners and choosing handles and colour schemes – all the small details which personalise and make the difference. This is especially true of doors. A quality timber front entrance door is a representation of the personality and taste of the occupiers! I get a huge sense of achievement from a perfect installation, big or small, and a happy client.

I’m very proud to work at Patchett Joinery. The values of the company, whichstrives for the best quality whileat the same time being affordable, are a good basis to do good business. The factory is a great place to take a tour. I love the smell of the raw timber and sawdust! We are one of few companies who manufacture in Yorkshire and being a Yorkshire Lass, it is a wonderful thing to be involved with a sliding sash window product that’s made here.

Our manufacturing facility is often a surprise to my customers in that it’s bigger than they expect. I think a joinery company is often associated with many timber products but we are a full on window and door specialist. No two installations are the same and we bespoke every job to the client’s requirements. Everyone in the team genuinely cares- from the technical manager to the lads in the paint department.

Another surprise to homeowners is how easy timber windows are to maintain. The microporous paint system only requires keeping clean and free of debris and greenery. When it comes to repainting,only one coat is required. If cared for (which is easy when you love them!) they out last any PVC product and continue to enhance the property, be it a cottage, mill, Victorian terrace etc…

My obsession with windows began when I managed the showroom for a UPVC manufacturer in Ilkley, whilecustomers boughtmostly PVC – when I needed timber windows I bought them from Patchett’s. Customers were always very happy with the quality and finish and I favoured the appearance of wooden windows. I jumped at the opportunity to work directly for them.