04May 2016

The Beauty of Wood

Posted in: wooden windows  –  By Patchett Joinery

When it comes to our homes, we all want the very best. There’s an old saying which suggests that an Englishman’s home is his castle, but it’s probably fairer to say that an Englishman’s home is himself. So much is our home an extension of ourselves that we bend their internal layout to suit our needs and transforming their decoration to appeal to our tastes alone.

It’s the same with the exterior of our homes, so why would you settle for anything less than the very best? We speak, of course, about real wood. Once relegated to niche status following the rise of uPVC, the material has roared back into both popularity and appreciation. Why? Well, that’s down to the beauty of wood.

For centuries, wood was the most common structural material for a home. Strong, hardwearing and abundant in nature, wood was the perfect material to build homes from. As home building technology advanced, however, a curious thing happened – wood continued to be a popular material. Though it was being used less for structural purposes, it continued to appear all over our homes, especially in our windows and doors.

So why do we love wood? Because it tells a story. To reach your home, that wood has lived. Decades will have passed since it first sprouted from the ground, and over those years it’s picked up a distinctive pattern and colour. It’s those unique characteristics which lend such warmth and style to a home. It’s a style that’s often imitated but never truly replicated, and one that we all want for our homes.

There’s also an undeniable sense of craftsmanship to real wood. Unlike plastics which are simply poured into a mould, wood requires milling, sanding, polishing and treating. It’s a material which requires skill, talent and commitment to get the best out of. It’s that love which gives so much to our homes, and why so many of us demand it.

Those aren’t the only things which makes wood beautiful, however, it’s also its eco-credentials. It’s no secret that plastics are incredibly harmful to the environment, and recently, we’ve witnessed a push towards renewable materials instead. Wood is the perfect renewable material because it’s versatile, hard wearing, beautiful and endlessly replenishable as long as we look after our forests. Indeed, once installed and with the right care and attention, wood can last centuries in any environment – even on the outside of your home. Which makes it a truly viable option for the modern eco home.

At Patchett Joinery we’re proud to construct all of our windows and doors from real wood, whether it’s our timber box sash windows or timber bi-folding doors. We’re also proud to offer these products in a wide range of woods, like the clean and modern Accoya to the warm and traditional Sapele or European Redwood.