28Apr 2015

Are timber sash windows energy efficient? Let’s bust some myths…

For many homeowners who are considering an upgrade to timber sash windows, one of the biggest concerns they have after how their new windows will look is energy efficiency. After all, new windows can be an expensive development and you want to make sure that the investment you make is going to work hard for you for years to come, not start costing you more because it lacks efficiency. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to buying timber sash windows and energy efficiency is more a feature than you might think on a lot of styles these days.  Traditionally of course, timber sash windows and sliding timber doors were single glazed, with most of the craftsmanship going into the frames themselves rather than how the overall window functioned. As times have moved on and our culture has become more energy aware, more homes have started implementing energy saving measures such as single or triple glazing, wall cavity insulation and more; in fact, this has become the norm in most modern builds.

Unfortunately though, energy efficient windows often seem to be rather lackluster in the looks department, usually appearing as uPVC ‘plastic’ windows that do a good job of keeping the heat in your home but do little to enhance your home’s overall look and feel. Thankfully, that’s all beginning to change, and homes can enjoy the traditional aesthetic charm of a timber sash window with all of the energy efficient benefits that would usually be associated with a modern looking uPVC frame.  Looking at timber sash windows online opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to finding the right window for your home.  They can be double or triple glazed, be fitted with draught proofing features and added sealants to protect against the weather, and with the right level of craftsmanship your window will sit neat and flush and will work effortlessly for years to come.

So, far from costing you money in the long run due to poor energy efficiency, installing energy efficient timber sash windows can actually add value to your property and make you more money as the look and style appreciates. If you’ve got a traditional or period home, do yourself a favour – don’t give into uPVC windows and keep the homefires burning with a range of stunning wood sash windows.