18Oct 2018

Victorian Property Renovation – Leeds

A recent Victorian House project was brought to us by our client in Leeds. With it being his second Victorian House renovation and having had differing experiences with other suppliers during his first project, we were keen for feedback when his second project was complete.

This is my second Victorian house project replacing traditional sliding box sash windows but the first time I have used Patchett Joinery. I had a bad experience with one so-called expert and expensive restoration window company where from survey to completion took 14 months. Even at the end of this period I was left with significant repairs to plaster reveals and had further costs to achieve a fully painted finish. Given this I did extensive research and obtained three quotes before committing to my second project.

Janine did the initial survey and invited me to the Queensbury workshop to discuss design details. A guided tour of production lines was very reassuring and showcases the excellent product and attention to detail. I have no colour sense so many thanks to Janine for recommending a green smoke door colour.

I can say with total confidence that the Patchett Joinery quotation was the most detailed and transparent I have seen. Other quotes for my second project lacked any detail and would require final painting by others; one had many ‘hidden’ costs in the small print.

A key part of the Patchett Joinery service is the very detailed 2nd measure by the project manager before manufacture. Steve really did investigate the bespoke detail of the original windows including how to cope with a four-pulley system that was apparently used for internal shutters concealed below. Such attention to detail was impressive.

The bespoke quality of the joinery was immediately apparent on delivery. Great care was taken in placing seven windows and a door in the house prior to fitting. Darren and the team worked with meticulous care and completed the fitting over five days. A very high standard of finish is evident throughout inclusive of bespoke trims and minor repairs to plasterwork.

The sliding box sashes are a pleasure to use with perfect seals and high-quality double glazing. The micro-porous fully painted white satin finish is outstanding and durable. It is a real bonus not to search for a decorator to finish the paintwork.

The project from initial survey to completion took 15 weeks with very professional advice and support throughout. The fully finished joinery product guarantee is reassuring and includes a 30-year manufacturer guarantee against preservative failure.

I have no hesitation in giving Patchett Joinery a very strong commendation. The team are a delight to work with and you can be confident in receiving an exceptional bespoke product made and fitted by craftsmen who clearly take pride in their work.”

The product specification used on this installation include:

Timber: Red Grandis.

Hardware: Satin Brass.

Paint: 9016 white to windows, with Green Smoke paint to the door leaf.

Glass: 4/8/4 toughened double glazed units.