22Jan 2018

How to Choose The Right Manufacturer For You?

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Warehouse team manufacturing windowsNot sure how to find the right manufacturing company for your work?

Replacing or refurbishing the windows and doors in your home is definitely a great investment. Thus, it is important to choose the right company to do the work for you.

At Patchett Joinery, we believe that it is essential to beware of potential dangers when obtaining quotes for work from various manufacturing companies.

In this guide, you will find out the top 5 tips we suggest on how to make the right choice in quest for manufacturers, ask the right questions and make well considered choices.

Before you start:

If you’re in the market for windows and doors for your new or renovated home, you’ve probably noticed the wide range of options that are available. All different sizes, frames, colours, glazing, and styles, the variety can be a little overwhelming.

  1. Try to get a reasonable idea of what you want before you start, do some research and decide what your budget is.
  2. Try to approximately assess the current condition of your windows or door and be aware of the size and the nature of the material you already obtain or desire to refurbish .
  3. Decide the time period you would like for the work to take place.
  4. Think about the problems that your windows or doors have, in order to decide the type of product that suits your needs and situation, moving forward.

What to think before making your final decision:

Alot ofmanufacturers will promise a great deal but under deliver ontheresults. Itis vital to identify low-qualitycompanies andselect apartner you can trust and work with long-term.

  1. Start theevaluation process byasking themanufacturer these questions:

What istheir manufacturing expertise in?Itis ideal towork with manufacturers who have proven expertise inyour product category. Their expertise will definitely “shine” on their case studies, so don’t hesitate to ask them to provide you with past case studies, examples of work as well as samples of products.

Have they ever made anyproducts similar toyours?This gives you proof ofwhether they have experience shipping yourproduct-type.

Do they have a showroom or details for products on their website?A trustworthy company will definitely invite you to their showroom to have a look and of course provide analytical information on all offered products on their website.

What istheir internal quality process?A reliable company willensure that theproducts are manufactured tospec.

2. Don’t forget to ask themanufacturer foratleast 5references, ideally from current or recent customers.

3. It is important tosearch online for customer testimonials and feedback on the company’s customer service and performance.

4. Make sure you check online for the company’s certificationsor on their website and beware of any negative reviews and scam alerts!

5. Ask about their minimum order quantity (MOQ), turnaround time, andpayment terms, as typically, thelower theper-unitprice, thehigher theMOQ.

Learning how tofind the right manufacturer, who can deliverhigh-qualityproducts ontime according to your needs, isone ofthetoughest situations, especially in case you don’t have knowledge or expertise on the joinery product manufacturing industry. That’s why it’s important to invest enough time insearching fortheright manufacturing partner andfollow the tips above tomake your search easier!

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