14Sep 2015

The cost of timber casement windows – are they worth it?

Posted in: Window Styles  –  By Patchett Joinery

Moving into a new home presents a great opportunity to most people. It’s a chance to make somewhere new truly feel like home; to get the right look and feel and make investments that really make a difference. Even if the plan is to sell the property at a later date, making some sound investments at the start of your tenancy can really add value and pay dividends when it comes to moving on. One investment that a lot of people consider, as they grow in popularity, aretimber casement windows.

Timber casement windows are soaring in demand, and because of this finding a good deal is become more and more possible. Really though, it’s a case of matching the quality of the craftsmanship and the level of service with the right price, so it’s prudent to shop around before committing. Some company might only offer ‘off the shelf’ windows while other might offer a totally bespoke service that’s just perfect for you old Edwardian property. Quite often, bespoke windows are where the best deals are found too as they’re usually local joineries with a vested interest in the local area and their own reputation to consider. That’s not the only reason to choosebespoke timber casement windowshowever. Going bespoke means that the windows you end up with will be the very best for your particular property.

So what makes a good timber casement window? It’s true that bespoke are often the best, but there’s more to it than that; more things to look out for. A good timber casement window will present options. They’ll do more than simply provide a window into the outside world; they’ll help reduce your energy bills and keep you warm, they’ll function flawlessly and they’ll insulate you from the noise outside. Not a lot of people realise when shopping around for windows, but even older designs likewood sash windowsandtimber casement windowscan be double, or even triple glazed, and can provide all of the energy saving benefits of their more modern counterparts.

There are also lots of different styles to consider when shopping for timber casement windows. From cord hung windows and spiral hung windows something completely different like vertical or horizontal sliding ones. You might even opt for sash window bay in order to open up your living room and create the illusion of space.

Are timber casement windows worth it? It really depends on where you shop, but in terms of adding value, charm and character to your home you really can’t do much better.