31May 2024

What is Red Grandis Timber? 7 Reasons to Select It for Your Windows

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Did you know that Red Grandis Timber is not just any wood but a specific type of eucalyptus known for its impressive durability and sustainability? 

This Timber comes from the Eucalyptus grandis species, offering a unique combination of strength and eco-friendliness. It’s an ideal choice for windows, and here’s why.

This blog is to inform you about Red Grandis Timber and its benefits for window applications. Patchett Joinery excels in crafting high-quality windows from this superior Timber, ensuring you get the best for your home.

What is Red Grandis Timber?

Red Grandis is a highly functional Timber offering many advantages. It is a chosen subspecies of the Eucalyptus family. Red Grandis is native to Australia’s east coast but has spread worldwide through plantations. The tree can grow 40-70 meters high and up to 250 cm in diameter. Plantation stock typically gets harvested after 20-30 years.

The bark is smooth, mainly light silvery or light green, sometimes darker brown at the base. The Timber colour varies from almost white to light pink or dark red. The sapwood does not significantly differ from the heartwood.

Red Grandis Timber is FSC certified, ensuring sustainable practices. Plantations in Uruguay follow strict guidelines to maintain environmental health. The trees absorb significant amounts of CO2, benefiting the environment.

What Are Some Uses and Applications of Red Grandis Wood?

Red Grandis wood is incredibly versatile and finds applications in various areas due to its durability and attractive appearance. It is popular in indoor and outdoor projects, offering functional and aesthetic benefits. Here’s a closer look at some of its common uses:

FurnitureIdeal for making high-quality furniture due to its attractive appearance.
CabinetryPerfect for creating durable and visually appealing cabinets.
FlooringUsed for both residential and commercial flooring, offering durability.
Doors and FramesIt is famous for door frames and doors due to its stability.
DeckingSuitable for outdoor decking because of its resistance to pests and rot.
Red Grandis CladdingUsed for external cladding, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits.
WindowsExcellent for window frames and sashes, offering longevity and minimal maintenance.

Engineered Red Grandis Timber vs Red Grandis Wood

Engineered Red Grandis Timber is processed to boost strength and stability. This makes it perfect for construction projects needing precise dimensions and reliable performance. It involves bonding layers of Red Grandis wood, improving resistance to warping and splitting.

In its natural form, Red Grandis wood is durable and visually pleasing. It keeps its beautiful grain and colour variations, making it ideal for furniture, cabinetry, and other visible applications.

FeatureEngineered Red Grandis TimberRed Grandis Wood
DurabilityHigh due to engineered layersNaturally durable
StabilityVery stable, minimal warpingStable, but some natural movement
Aesthetic AppealConsistent appearanceNatural grain and colour variations
ApplicationsIdeal for construction, framingGreat for furniture, cabinetry, windows
ResistanceEnhanced resistance to warping and splittingResistant to pests and rot

Stack of red grandis timber wood.

Properties of Red Grandis Timber

Knowing the properties of Red Grandis Timber is crucial for selecting the best Timber for your home. It helps you understand its durability, workability, and aesthetic appeal. These factors ensure you make an informed decision for your projects.

Physical Characteristics

Red Grandis timber is known for its straight grain, medium texture, and varied colours. These characteristics make it an attractive choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Understanding these properties helps compare them with other types of wood.

PropertyRed Grandis TimberEngineered Red Grandis TimberOther Woods
GrainStraightConsistentVaries (straight to irregular)
TextureMediumSmoothFine to coarse
ColourAlmost white to light pink/redUniformVaries (light to dark)


Red Grandis wood is highly durable, making it ideal for various applications. It resists fungi, rot, mold, and insects, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable material for construction and decorative uses.

Durability Aspect Red Grandis TimberEngineered Red Grandis TimberOther Woods
Fungi ResistanceHighVery HighMedium to high
Rot ResistanceHighVery HighVaries (low to high)
Mould ResistanceHighVery HighMedium to high
Insect ResistanceHighVery HighVaries (low to high)


Red Grandis hardwood is easy to work with, making it a favourite among artisans. It can be machined, glued, stained, and finished without difficulty. This workability adds to its appeal for a variety of projects.

Workability AspectRed Grandis TimberEngineered Red Grandis TimberOther Woods
MachiningEasyVery EasyVaries (easy to difficult)
GluingEasyVery EasyVaries (easy to difficult)
StainingEasyVery EasyVaries (easy to difficult)
FinishingEasyVery EasyVaries (easy to difficult)

Wooden window curve with a green scenery.

7 Advantages of Red Grandis Timber: Why It’s Ideal for Windows

Reason 1:  Superior Durability

This Timber is renowned for its durability. It can handle harsh weather conditions like moisture and extreme temperatures. Its resistance to pests, including termites, ensures long-lasting windows. With minimal upkeep, your windows remain strong for years.

Reason 2: Aesthetic Appeal

Consistent colour and attractive grain make this wood a favourite for windows. Its natural hues, from light pink to dark red, add unique charm. This aesthetic quality enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior and interior.

Reason 3: Workability

Artisans love Red Grandis hardwood for its ease of machining, glueing, and finishing. It’s versatile, allowing for intricate or simple designs. This wood is highly adaptable for custom window frames or standard designs.

Reason 4: Sustainability

Red Grandis eucalyptus timber is eco-friendly. Plantations follow strict environmental guidelines, reducing their carbon footprint. This timber supports sustainability, making it a wise choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Reason 5: Cost-Effectiveness

Opting for this timber means long-term savings. Its durability and low maintenance reduce repair and replacement costs. Compared to other hardwoods, it offers excellent value. Investing in this timber ensures economical solutions for window installations.

Reason 6: Versatility in Applications

This Timber fits various joinery applications, particularly Windows. It complements different architectural styles, from traditional to modern. Its versatility makes it suitable for custom and standard window designs, enhancing the adaptability of your projects.

Reason 7: Stability and Minimal Movement

Engineered Red Grandis Timber offers high stability and resists warping. This stability is crucial for windows needing precise fitting. Minimal movement ensures the windows stay intact and functional, making it an ideal material for durable window installations.

Maintenance and Longevity of Red Grandis Wood

Proper care extends the life of Red Grandis wood and keeps it looking great. Regular maintenance ensures that your windows remain durable and attractive. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain Red Grandis Timber windows. Here are 6 tips for maintaining Red Grandis wood windows:

  1. Clean Regularly: Wipe down the wood with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  2. Check for Damage: Inspect the wood for any signs of cracks or damage. Address issues promptly.
  3. Reapply Finish: Refinish the wood every few years to protect it from the elements.
  4. Seal Gaps: Seal all gaps and joints to prevent moisture ingress.
  5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Use mild soap solutions for cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the wood.
  6. Protect from UV Rays: Use window treatments to protect the wood from prolonged sun exposure.

Final Thoughts on Red Grandis Timber

Choosing Red Grandis Timber for your windows provides multiple benefits, making it an excellent choice for UK homeowners. This Timber is highly durable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Its versatility and stability ensure long-lasting performance. Here are the main takeaways:

  • Durability: Handles harsh weather and resists pests, ensuring long-lasting windows.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Consistent colour and attractive grain enhance your home’s beauty.
  • Workability: Easy to machine, glue, and finish, suitable for various designs.
  • Sustainability: Responsibly sourced, reducing carbon footprint.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Low maintenance and repair costs.
  • Versatility: Fits different architectural styles and applications.
  • Stability: Minimal warping, perfect for precise window fittings.

Consider Red Grandis wood for your next window project to maximise these benefits. Patchett Joinery offers top-quality windows crafted from this superior timber, ensuring the best results. Visit our website to explore our range of Timber wood doors and windows projects.

Stack of wooden window frames.

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